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The Walking Dead Review- Season 5 Episode 6

Anybody else watch the Grammys last Sunday? Yea,  me neither,  let’s  get started.


The scene opens up with what looks like Beth’s funeral. Maggie and  Noah are crying over the grave while Father Gabriel gives the eulogy. In honor of Bob, Rick makes the executive decision to continue the journey to Washington DC; to honor Beth, Rick decides to drop Noah off at his home in Richmond,  VA.

BOB 2.0

Now that Bob is no longer alive for me to take my aggression on  (may he rest in “make-believe” peace ) I have to roast Noah’s  ass for his behavior in this episode. Starting from the beginning, the team splits up into 2 groups. The seeker/carpool service team consists of Tyrese, Noah, Michonne, Glenn and Rick; and the rest of the team travels behind at a safe distance.

Tyrese is in the drivers seat of the car and listening to Noah talk about how wonderful his home is, how safe it is, how much he misses his mother and younger twin brothers.

Eventually they reach Noah’s old neighborhood and Glenn has to break the news to him that the place was over run. Noah, aka Broke-Foot,  hops over the gate, weeps and starts hobbling away. Taking advantage of the situation, the rest of team decides to search for supplies while Tyrese baby sits Noah’s emotional ass.


After listening to 1o minutes of Tyrese’s motivational speech,  Broke-Foot gets up and  hobbles away and reaches his home this time. Tyrese heroically volunteers himself first to check the home for walkers. They enter the home and Noah spots his dead mother  on the  floor. Tyrese continues to search through the house and notices feet walking around in the next room.  He enters one of the twin’s bedroom and stares at the photographs on the wall.  He observes that one of the twins looks happy in all the pictures and the other looks mischievous. Memorized by this fact, he was so engrossed in the photographs that he did not see the zombie twin behind him.

the-walking-dead-episode-509-tyreese-coleman-935-1 (1)

Tyrese is bitten and swivel kicks the shit out of that little boy. Noah arrives to late but finishes him off. Noah assesses the damage and decides he needs to go get help.

WHAT!? You idiot,  you are at your house! You mean to tell me that you guys didn’t carry not one kitchen or butcher knife  in your home? Heck,  at the hospital we watched that doctor amputate that girls arm with a wire. Seriously, I’m going to need weak people (like Broke-Foot) to think on their feet, pun intended. But I’ll give Noah some credit, he did not have the liberty of graduating from C-Murder’s (aka Carol) Zombie Survival Class. If he had been certified he would have known what to do.

Ghost of Christmas Past

Tyrese,  let’s place some of this blame on you too. You’ve have gotten way to comfortable around zombies, you saw the shadows of the foot steps. Why did you leave your back exposed? If you wanted to stare at pictures so bad why didn’t you lock the door behind you?


I was NOT  here for the ghosts of Christmas past trying to take brother Tyrese to the crossroads. Lizzie’s bipolar-killing her own sister-than trying to kill the baby ass-just look at the flowers’s face STILL gives me nightmares.  And the ghost governor should have Several seats. The nerve of him trying to throw Tyrese’s words back in his face. Governor we didn’t forget how you tried to rape Maggie, how you kept a terrarium of zombies heads in your man cave as if you were watching “Real Housewives of Woodbury ” (catch the shade) and how you killed the our beloved Hershel. Season 4 (I think ) tried to make us love you but oh no Vicky didn’t forget.  Moving on…

After many moments of hallucinations, Tyrese comes back to reality as Michonne raises her katana to chop off his arm. Moment of silence for that arm…

I kid you not,  I screamed soooooo loud during the episode because I was not ready! *sigh* if you read the comics than you already knew that Tyrese was already living on borrowed time. smh


Wrapping up the episode, the team carries Tyrese back to the car where he eventually dies. 😦 Poor poor Sasha,  homegirl has already been through so much.  Tell me what you guys think of this episode.

A bit of house keeping: this will be my last season reviewing The Walking dead 😦 *wipes tears * (unless one of you guys start paying me! )

Lol but on a serious note,  I am working on a new project that is taking up all of my time and I hope all of you guys will continue to support me . Once I solidify some thangs on my end I’ll include you guys into the loop. Either way, I am supper blessed to have amazing people who read my content.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stay tuned


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