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The Walking Dead Recap: Episodes 1-3

Dear lovely readers of mine. I would like to formally apologize for my lack of Walking Dead reviews. Life got in the way yada yada yada, I’m going to give you a basic recap of the first 3 episodes and then I’ll tell you how I feel about certain elements of the show. Let’s get into it!

episode 1.

Carol, The Walking DeadThe gang is trapped in terminus, and we find out that  it’s no longer a secret that they’re eating people. OMG  C-Murder (aka Carol) flies in to save the day leaving Tyreese and baby Judith in a house, to watch over a strange man from terminus named Martin. Martin tries to “reason” with Tyreese, then threatens to kill baby Judith. Tyreese summons his courage and attacks Martin. We are led to believe that Tyrese killed him. Eventually they all got reunited (except for Beth aka Taylor Swift). And the episode concludes with Morgan looking fresh-to-death as he wandered through the woods.

Episode 2.

Father Gabriel
We hear a man scream for help and the gang springs into action. The victim goes by the name of Father Gabriel and they find out that he has been surviving in his church and once his stash ran out he began to scavenge for food. He tells them about an abandoned general store and Rick behooves him to personally escort the gang. Moving along, Daryl catches Carol trying to run off in a getaway car they found. All of a sudden another car flies down the street and Daryl  yells  “Those are the people who took Taylor Swift!” So they hop in the car and chase after it. Back over to the gang, they make it to the general store and fight off aqua zombies. In the midst of their battle Bob gets bitten but hides from it from everyone. They return to the church to celebrate their new bounty. The episode concludes with Bob outside crying alone and getting attacked from behind.

Episode 3.


The episode opens with Bob coming to consciousness and sees his foot on the barbecue pit. Everyone is dining while Gareth explains to Bob why eating him is nothing personal. Bob starts to laugh hysterically and says “You’re eating #TaintedMeat!” All at once, everyone spits Bob’s foot out of their mouths. Moments later Sasha discovers Bob’s body outside of the church and she is pissed. At this point, Abraham (Abe) believes that they have wasted too time and wants to leave for Washington DC as soon as possible. Rick is now on a mission to finish the job and kill every last person in Terminus. After much arguing between Rick and Abe, they agree that everyone will stay and help kill the Terminus crew; in exchange, Maggie, Glenn and Tara will accompany them Washington DC. Moving along, the Terminus crew is back for FRESH meat and enters what seems like an empty church. Rick appears through the shadows and tells them to get on the floor and drop their weapons. Gareth tries to plead with Rick and then questions why they haven’t shot them yet. Rick says and I quote” I ain’t wastin’ my precious bullets on your Feet breath-Starbucks Employee of the Month-Donald Trump comb over looking-ass!” So Rick kept his promise by whipping out his machete and killed him. Then commanded the rest of the gang to follow suit. The morning comes and Abe, Rosita, Eugene, Tara, Maggie and Glenn leave for DC.  This episode concludes with Michonne talking to Father Gabriel outside and spots Daryl coming out of the woods with someone or something.

Quick Rant

Why are all the black men in the show punk bitches?

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 2.12.54 PM

If you are a long time reader, you already KNOW I can’t stand Bob (but I’ll talk about him in a minute). I so hate to bring race in this conversation but come ON! It traces all the way back to T-Dogg, one of the earliest weakest links. He couldn’t keep a key in his hand which ignited the beef between Merle, Daryl, and Rick AND was sick half of the time. But he proved himself worthy by sacrificing himself for C-Murder. Bob was a drunk, clumsy and put many-a-lives in danger by making poor decisions. BUT he proved himself worthy in the end by taking one for the team (i.e. his foot and sharing the Terminus crew’s plans). FATHER GABE and his weak ass. EVERYBODY up until this point looks a hot as mess. Noone has showered, brushed their teeth, changed their clothes NOTHING. But he comes into the screen with a fresh hair cut, fresh clothes and full stomach by locking the doors of his church so no one could get in, shame on him. He didn’t even fight off a zombie that was going to eat him at the general store. SMH he has got to go! Tyreese, lets talk about your meek ass. Tyreese you went a little crazy after C-Murder killed your girl friend (which is understandable) but you have been reckless ever since. Putting people lives in danger on runs, almost committing suicide when the car was over run by zombies, leaving baby Judith  with the Martin while you go kill zombies by hand outside, THEN LIED about killing him in the first place to C-Murder. I hate to say it folks by Tyreese is next. I pray that the other black male characters they introduce to us in Washington DC show up and show out (FYI, according to the comic they do 😉 ).

So Maggie, after you found your husband your just going to forget you had a sister?

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 2.48.29 PM

Ain’t that some shit. Maggie moved heaven and earth to find Glenn and not once did she mention Taylor Swift. Hell, when Carl thought that Baby Judith died he wept, Tyreese NEVER stopped looking for Sasha when they were separated, even that crazy little  girl “Miss. Look at the flowers” watched over her sister. All I’m saying is Blood is thicker than water, and I can’t wait for Taylor Swift to look Maggie in the eyes and ask “Did you look for me” #ThatIsAll

Whats Next?

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 2.45.20 PM

This is the first time, I feel, the show is following the comic to the T. So I won’t make any predictions this round. What do you think will happen next? And who or what do you think is with Daryl?

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