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Day One – Singapore – Oh, I Ate The Chicken And It Was Good

Leaving Beautiful Malaysia

queen v's view of Malaysia

It was my last morning in my beautiful resort and I woke up sad. I’ll miss my Malay Boyfriend and the wonderful people at the front desk. One gentleman in particular went by the name of Wan. Although he had no clue where I could buy an outlet converter, he was super attentive and his customer service was out of this world.

Because Malaysian money is valued less in Singapore, I was on a mission to bless as many people as I could with my remaining cash. FYI tipping is a social faux pas – don’t do it (I clearly don’t follow the rules). One of those people I decided to bless was Wan. On my way out the door, I wrote him a nice note thanking him for his services on scrap piece of paper and folded the money in it. As I walked out to the lobby, Wan walked towards me to escort me to my cab. Once my cab pulled up, I handed him the note and waved good-bye.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 6.03.19 PM

My cab ride from Malaysia to my place in Singapore was about an hour and 45 minutes and boy was it hot. Mid-way through my journey, I called my girl Earlene. Wasting no time at all, she had already collected the keys to my place and told me to wait for her at the Starbucks around the way.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 6.21.51 PM

Side note: Everybody meet Earlene. I met her back in 2012 when I studied aboard in South Korea. We became good friends after participating in the Global Forum and we became great friends after going to the spa to have fishes eat our feet. She is also the reason why my blog is popular in Singapore. She is the BEST, which is why I traveled across the world to go see her.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 6.41.15 PM

Moving along, after getting settled in Starbucks I heard a little voice behind me say: “Vicky?”

OH the sweet sound of a familiar voice in a strange land. I jumped out my seat and hugged Earlene. With a concerned look on her face she says in her Singapore accent “Vicky, did you know that it is hot in Singapore?” I looked down at the jacket and sweat pants I had on and said, “I didn’t want to offend any Muslims by having my arms and legs exposed”.

Queen v leaving malaysia

Side note: The night before I discovered that Malaysia has a huge Muslim community. After putting two and two together, the people at AEON mall weren’t staring at me because I was black or because I had different hair they were probably staring at me because I was “half naked” in their eyes. So to avoid, unwanted glares I layered on my clothes.

She shook her head and said,“You don’t have to worry about that here, shorts are fine” and we both had a good laugh. Afterwards she introduces me to her older ex-colleague, who goes by the name of Keith and her best friend Dilys. Suddenly, Earlene pulled out a bottle of wine and says, “Welcome to Singapore!  Let me show you to your room.”

False Advertising At It’s Finest


We arrived at the room and I discovered that it is smaller than my bedroom at home and 10 times smaller than my beautiful room in Malaysia. There were two beds (one is a real bed, the other is a cot), there were no windows and the best part was the shared bathroom down the hallway. Wait! I’m not done. The smell… the smell of the building it self pissed me off. It wasn’t a pungent smell, it was more of an aroma that makes you angry after the first few minutes until you get used to it. I couldn’t help but mourn my life of luxury at the resort.

Word to the wise: BE CAREFUL which homes/rooms you purchase from AirBnB. Read the fine print and don’t be afraid to ask questions or request more photos of the home you are thinking of staying in. Had I known that there was a shared BATHROOM, I would have definitely and happily paid the extra 20 bucks a night to stay in a hotel, but I digress…

So Earlene gives me the two-second-room tour and informs me of my Wi-Fi password. Keith suggested that I should get washed up and settled in before we hit the town. After they left my room, I  realized that I didn’t bring any towels with me, FML (Malaysia I miss you!). So I stripped myself from my hot ass modest clothes, used baby wipes as a broke ass shower, changed my clothes then met up with my friends.

After buying new towels at the Takashimaya Mall, Dilys and I headed over to Earlene’s house to enjoy a Traditional Singaporean Dinner to celebrate National Day. As we walked inside of her home, I’m immediately nosey, observing her family photos. Eventually I walked to into her bedroom, and no lie, I felt like I was transported back into the early 80’s (even though I wasn’t even born yet). Her room was cosy and reminded me of what my bedroom looked like when I was in high-school. It had a basic bed, a desk and a drawer on the left side. Sitting on the top of her desk was a record player, Dilys asked us what music we wanted to listen to. Earlene grabbed her Bruno Mars record and puts it on the needle. I have never heard Bruno Mars sound so beautiful in my life  (I don’t particularly care for his music). We gathered around her bed and started talking about guys (i.e. my Malay boyfriend story), the fun plans for the week, finance and everything in between, it was almost as if we picked up right where we left off in South Korea. 🙂



All of sudden Earlene informed us that the food was ready. The three of us headed out to the living room and Earlene said, “Oh Vicky, my father is concerned that you will not like our food…” (Side note: little do they know, I LOVE Asian food, in fact preparing Asian cuisine is my specialty) “…So, my father went to KFC and bought you some chicken and he and my mother are on their way home now”. I looked at Earlene and I bursted out laughing to the point tears are rolling down my face. Dilys and Earlene looked at each other confused. “Vicky, what is so funny?” I said “HAHAHAHAAHA. If you only knew the cultural significance of fried chicken to black people, you would be laughing too! HAHAAHAHAHAAH”. After composing my self, I explain African American stereotypes and why this innocent gesture was hilarious. We all shared in a good laugh and enjoyed the meal her family prepared. And of course, I ate the chicken and it was good.



After dinner, we headed over to a cute little coffee shop called Carpenter and Cook, where we continued our awesome conversation until it was time for me to go back home. The End…

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 7.01.01 PM


Me, my fresh new towels and my small smelly ass room are ready for what Singapore has to offer.

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