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Day One – Land in Singapore To Go Straight To Malaysia

I hope you guys are ready to experience Malaysia and Singapore through my eyes. Without further ado, lets get started.

Queen V's passport and plane ticket


To get to Singapore, I flew ANA airlines from Washington DC to Tokyo, Japan and United Airlines from Tokyo to Singapore totaling a complete travel time of 23 hours. My experience on the ANA flight was worth every penny of my $1,500 ticket. Even through I was sitting in coach, I truly felt like a princess (excuse me a Queen). Their flight attendants were so attentive, they fed us two full course meals that were delicious and provided ample refreshments in between both meals. Did I forget to mention before each meal they offered us hot (wet) wash cloths to wipe our hands and face with before we ate? Just perfect!

My airplane food

Turning the tables, hear me clear ladies and gentleman: I WILL NEVER FLY UNITED EVER AGAIN. First of all, the meal looked and tasted like public school cafeteria food. Secondly, all of the flight attendants kept ignoring me. If you ask the gentlemen to my right and the lady to my left what they wanted to eat or drink, (when I am wide awake) why would you blatantly walk pass me? I kid you not, every time we got serviced, they’d skip me and I would always have to stop them and tell them what I wanted. But that is not even the worse part, the air on that plane soooooo dry, I would wake up in the middle of my sleep and violently cough because my esophagus….MY ESOPHAGUS was dry. I can’t even remember the last time my esophagus was dry. Since the attendants were ignoring me, I just sat there and died knowing I needed water badly. This would have NEVER happened on the ANA flight, they made SURE everyones esophagus’s were hydrated. Moving along..

Hotel (in Malayasia)

Through my hotel, I arranged for a driver to pick me up from the airport and take me to my hotel. Even though I arrived in Singapore 45mins early, my driver was there with a sign that had my name on it (thats what I call service). It’s now midnight, I’m tired, sleepy,  with a dried up esophagus; my driver placed my bag in the trunk and handed me a big ass bottle of water. “Courtesy of the hotel” he said. If I had not depleted all of the water in my body on the plane, I would have cried tears of joy. During our hour ride to the resort he told me all about Malaysia’s rich history and important words I should know.

View from my hotel

As we pull up to the beautiful hotel, I was promptly checked in and given my room keys. After getting settled in and informing my loved ones that I have arrived safely, I realized that my American chargers do not fit Malaysian outlets and I didn’t bring any tooth paste. I headed over to the counter requested these items and the lady said “Room service will bring them to your room”. Five minutes later, a gentlemen knocks on my door hands me a outlet converter and 2 tooth brushes and 2 tubes of tooth paste (now that is what I call service). Only thing was, the outlet converter didn’t have an American option on it.

First Selfie at the hotel in Malaysia

I arrived in this country with a dried up esophagus, no prior research, and a laptop/ipad/phone that have now become expensive paper weights. First things first, tomorrow I am getting a charger (that’s as far as my planning goes). Life take the wheel! 😉


Why Singapore?


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