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Are You Ready for Me Singapore?!

Once upon a time in the summer of 2012, I attend Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) for the International Summer Semester. While in South Korea, I met so many people from Singapore and surrounding countries, that I decided that I would visit the following year. Life happened and I was not able to go in 2013.

Read about my South Korean Adventures

Fast forward to 2014, I saved up more than enough money to visit the country and took a leap of faith 2 weeks ago and decided that now is the time to go. I bet many of you are thinking… “You can go anywhere in the world, why Singapore?

Fair question, simply put: two of my really good friends, from SKKU, live in Singapore (the other in Malaysia) and I miss them terribly. Read Day 23- Global Forum 2012 and Day 30 (Last Day) in South Korea to check out some of the experiences we went through in South Korea.



Another reason why I need to be in Singapore is this:

QueenVChronicles wordpress singapore stats


Outside of my own country (USA), Singapore is second audience that reads my blog! I am forever grateful and I want to be around the people who read my silliness on a day to day basis. Trust me when I say I am super excited!

Singaporeans and readers of my blog I will be in Malaysia from the August 7- 9, 2014 and I will be in Singapore from August 9- 18, 2014. If I have some time, I would love to spend a day in Indonesia.

I need your help, what are some of the places I should visit and the activities I should partake in and what customs should I be aware of? I recently discovered Hello Kitty Land in Malaysia that I will definitely go to and I also want to visit a beach. Talk to me ❤

You guys can rest assure that I will be blogging, tweeting and instagraming, so be sure to follow me!


-Queen V



6 comments on “Are You Ready for Me Singapore?!

  1. aiyshah2014
    July 27, 2014

    I think Singapore is ready for anybody….what do they call it?….’Asia for beginners…’ Nowadays I think Malaysia comes close behind. 9 days in Singapore may kill your desire for it, but then again if you sleep in to 12PM and stay in a really nice hotel you may be able to keep yourself interested.

    Anyway Singapore = night safari….a must. Other than that, not sure what else except watching the money get sucked out of your pocket for nothing….

    Malaysia, everything is half the price of Singapore. So recommendations include – (in KL) High Tea at the Mandarin, the sky bridge in KLCC, great dimsum in Chinatown, Little India for cheap fabrics, midnight in Bukit Bintang. (Out of KL), Taman Negara Night Canopy Walk, Cherating – for a sleep, Perhentian Islands for true island paradise (and not much else), Kota Bharu for at last REAL Malaysia!

    Enjoy your stay….

  2. aiyshah2014
    July 27, 2014

    Sorry forgot about Junker Street in Malacca, and Eastern Oriental Penang…. Only 2 days in Malaysia? Are you kidding me? Or was that a typing error?

    • queenvchronicles
      July 27, 2014

      Awww man! I wish had consulted with you first! Thank you for your wise words. But according to your advice, I might have to stay longer in Malaysia. I have some friends in Singapore, so hopefully boredom will not be an issue for me.

      I also heard that there are many ferries to Indonesia, do you have any thoughts about that?

      Thanks again! ❤

      • aiyshah2014
        July 27, 2014

        You’re welcome….

        Stay away from Indonesian ferries….they sink a lot. Apparently there is one from Malacca to Sumatra, but then again, some of them sink too….

        If you have friends in Singapore that will make all the difference, they will know exactly where to take you so that’s good.

      • queenvchronicles
        July 27, 2014

        Aiyshah, I am a freelance social media consultant (MBA) and I was going to ask you wanted to sit down (in Malaysia) and discuss ways to improve your marketing for Elit Language Centre (for free). That was until i realized that Kuala Lumpur was 3 hours away from Johor. 😦

        But still your kindness is greatly appreciated, and I would love to help anyway I can. Feel free to email me at victoriagregg@gmail.com

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