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SPOILER ALERT-The Walking Dead Review- Season Finale- Season 4 Episode 16

Aloha Lovely Readers ❤
Due to technical difficulties and the pure awesomeness of this show I was unable to tweet during this episode. But don’t fret, this blog will surely make up for it, let’s get into it.
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Flashback- Carl and the prison residents open the front gates to allow a vehicle enter. Maggie and Glenn exit the car to greet Hershel and Rick walks towards his son. After exchanging pleasantries, Rick asks Carol if he could use her weapon to kill zombies by the gate. He suddenly stops and we are brought back to present. We witness Rick sitting on the ground with blood on his face.
 We Can’t Help You
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As Rick, Michonne, and Carl are building a fire, Rick asks “On a scale of 1 to 10, how hungry are you?” “15!” says Carl “28!” says Michonne. Now they are on a mission to hunt for rabbits and Rick teaches them  how to create a slip knot. After catching their prey, they walk back to camp. Carl asks “When we get there, are we going to tell them all the stuff we’ve done?” blah blah blah. Suddenly, a person starts to scream out for help and Carl runs towards him. We see a man surrounded by zombies. Before Carl is seen by the person, Rick snatches him up and says “We can’t help him. We have to go”. They find an abandoned car and they decide to rest there for the night.
This scene is similar to what happened to Tyrese and the kids. But when Tyrese heard the screams, he was quick to hand, Judith off to Lizzie and run to help the people in need. I don’t have much to say here, just observing. Moving along…
The Dream Team
Night falls, Carl is sleeping the in car and Michonne and Rick are talking outside.
“That rabbit was small, ” says Michonne.
 “Have you noticed that all we seem to talk about is food? We are close. They have a lot of people. They are strong and they have a system, ” says a confident Rick.
 “I wonder if this whole thing is legit.”
 “We let people in.”
 “ Yea, so did the governor” Michonne concludes.
 *Pause* I swear, Rick is a walking contradiction. When he is in the leadership role he is extremely cautious about letting people in his community, let alone saving people (insert numerous examples here). But when the shoe is on the other foot, he begs people to let them in, save his family and then he takes over. It happened when they were at the CDC, Hershel’s farm, the prison and it will happen Terminus.
Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.39.42 PM
 In the midst of their conversation, Joe puts a gun to Rick’s head and says “Oh you screwed up asshole. Today’s the day of reckoning sir. The rebalancing of the universe if you will.” Daryl’s new group (aka “The Claim Crew”) was on the hunt for Rick because he killed one of their own a couple of episodes ago. Joe begins to count down from 10 and Daryl comes out of nowhere and stops him at 8. “Hold up” Daryl says so calmly. “This is the guy who killed Lew” says Joe. “Let them go, these are good people. You want blood, I get it. Take it from me, ” says Daryl with his arms wide open. “This man killed our friend, so that’s a lie! Hahaha. Teach him fellas, teach him all the way” Joe says.
*Pause* WOOOW, Daryl would actually sacrifice himself for Rick and em’? Honestly, I thought his heart might have turned a little cold since C-Murder and Beth are no longer in his life. But I wonder why he was not just aiming his crossbow at Joe instead of offering himself as a tribute (see what I did there).
Anywho, Joe says in Rick’s ear “ First, we will beat Daryl to death, then the girl, the boy and then I’ll shoot you. And then we will be even.” “LET HIM GO!” says Rick.
*Pause* Again, Rick selfishly thinks about him and his son and no one else (I’m half joking but half way serious lol). HELLO! You have Daryl risking his life for EVERYBODY and Michonne, who had nothing to do with this btw, fighting for her life as well. Rick pulled this same shit when the Governor had Michonne and Hershel captive. Rick said “Let HIM go”. I mean damn Rick, she is practically the step mother to your eldest child, you better act like you care about her! Moving along…
At this point, Joe fires his gun by Rick’s head and he has now lost balance. One of the Claim Crew members is on top Carl trying to rape him.
[Mild Spoiler Alert] This whole scene was practically taken from the comic, but I didn’t think they would actually show the happenings of child rape on primetime television. In the comics, Michonne was actually brutally raped by the Governor on more than one occasion (which explains why she was so passionate about killing the man). Since the show decided to omit that part of the story (and replaced it with Maggie being touched by the Governor), this almost rape scene came as a shock to me. #AMCGoesHardInThePaint
Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.38.16 PM

Somehow Rick manages to grab hold of Joe, bites a chunk out of his neck, he bleeds to death as Rick spits the flesh out. After their leader has fallen, the rest of the members stopped what they are doing. Michonne takes the opportunity to grab a pistol and shoots all of the members. As she was about to shoot the last one who attempted to rape Carl, Rick says “No, he’s mine”. Like a gangta, Rick stabs dude in his stomach and  carves his way up the mans throat. He collapses, and Rick continues to stab his lifeless body. Carl is now in Michonne’s arms. With her eyes glued shut, She squeezes him tighter and tighter as she hears Rick’s angry moans. Carl on the other hand is watching Rick create his masterpiece on dudes face, enjoying every minute of it (I’ll talk more about this moment later). The sun rises and Daryl pours water on a rag and hands it Rick. Rick suggests that they should save the water for drinking. Daryl says “You can’t see yourself, but he can.” Daryl proceeds to tell Rick how he ended up with Claim Crew and how he does not know the whereabouts of Beth. Rick reassures Daryl that it’s not his fault and that he sees him as his brother.

This moment spoke to me. This is the DREAM TEAM right here! Michonne, Rick, Daryl are the strongest group out of all the little groups that have split up. If the zombie apocalypse were the NBA, Rick, Michonne and Daryl are the Miami Heat. #ThatisAll
Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.43.10 PM
I’m a mother f*****in Monster!
The four of them make it outside of Terminus. Rick says “ We should all spread out, watch the wall, but stay close.” As Michonne and Daryl spread out Carl turns away as well. Rick says “Don’t you want to stick with me?’ Carl says “No, that’s alright” and catches up to Michonne. She is puzzled and asks Carl why he didn’t want to be with his father. She continues to share intimate details about her past.
Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.36.27 PM
She shares that after the outbreak she, her boyfriend, friend and son stayed in a shelter and her combat skills had increased.  One day when she went back from a run, the shelter was overrun with zombies. Somehow she discovered that they were high and blames them for not protecting her son. As punishment for them, she made it so they could not attack anyone (and die an even slower death… I guess) and put chains around their necks and carried them around with her. She had no idea that their presence was actually protecting her and soon realized that she was a “monster” until Andrea, Rick and Carl saved her. Carl then admits that he is a monster as well because he is not what his a father thinks he is. Carl says “ I can’t seem to get rid of those feelings.” Basically admitting that he likes killing people (or things).  The signs were right in front of us. Back at Hershel’s farm, Carl was always sneaking away to kill a zombie, and he had no problems shooting his own mother, he killed that boy at the prison, he is always cleaning his gun so on and so forth. After that, him and her cry it out in the woods. I said this before and I will say it again relationship between Carl and Michonne is absolutely beautiful!
Terminus Means The End of the line
Rick,  Carl, Michonne and Daryl make their way inside Terminus using the back entrance. Inside the building looks like a factory. As Rick attempts to gain attention, we see a lady speaking into a microphone saying “Welcome to Terminus. Those who arrived survive.” So this was the lady Michonne, Daryl, Bob and Tyrese heard on the car radio when they were on their medicine run. Finally, a tall man named Garrett greets them.  “Are you people here to rob us?” says Garrett. “No, ” says Rick. “Welcome to Terminus. No need to be scared. We were all here searching for sanctuary just like you. Before we begin, we need to see all your weapons.” They all looked at each other and  reluctantly lowered their weapons. Garrett called Alex to frisk all of them to see if they were hiding any more weapons. They had a brief conversation about the altercation they had with the Claim Crew. Garrett says “We are not like those people, but we are not stupid. And you shouldn’t be stupid enough to try anything stupid. Follow me.” Alex and Garrett give them a brief tour of Terminus and we see Mary cooking again. Rick is scoping out the place he notices items that look familiar.
Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.32.21 PM
As soon as Michonne asks “Why do you guys take people in?” Rick grabs Garrett and puts  gun to his head. “Where did you get the watch from? The riot gear? The poncho? The backpack?” Alex claims that he found it on a clothesline. Garrett says “Alex shut up! *sigh* You don’t trust us.” All of a sudden Mary accidentally shoots Alex in the head and a shootout commences. The snipers are shooting by their feet basically wrangling them like cattle into a slaughter house (literally).
Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.33.53 PM
In this process, they pass by a candlelit room where there were writing’s on the wall, such as “trust no one”. They also passed by another area that looked like a whole bunch of carcasses were on the floor. The only animals I’ve seen lately are rabbits, so one can conclude by now that these are human remains on the ground. At this point they are surrounded. “Drop your weapons!” says Garrett. Of course they drop them. “Ringleader! To the left, do anything and the boy dies” says Garrett. Rick begins to move towards the train car. “Now the archer. Now the samurai.” He continues. All three of them are standing by the door. Rick looks at his feet and sees a baby formula wrapper. Rick says “MY SON!” Garrett says “Go kid” and they all make it inside and the door closes behind them. All of a sudden Glenn appears the darkness.
“Rick?” Says Glenn.
“You’re here” says Rick.

“They are our friends. They helped us survive.” Maggie says referring to Abraham, Rosita and Tara. “No, they’re friends of ours” says Daryl.

” However long that will be” says a somber Abraham.

” No! They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they figure out they messed with the wrong people” says Rick.  

OooooooooWwwwwweeeee! Rick is back! This is by far the best line of the entire season. Carl is a huge motivator for Rick, so trust and believe Rick has something special planned for Garrett and the Terminus Clan. Are you kidding me? With the Dream Team and Abraham teaming up, season 5 this will be off the chain! This ending has brought up a lot more questions, for instance where is Eugene? I’m already assuming  Terminus is the home of cannibals. If so, they probably ate Eugene first since he has a lot of meat to pass around. Also where is Carol, Tyrese and Judith? We saw the baby formula on the floor so this could mean that they could have been cooking Tyrese & C-Murder when Glenn and friends arrived at Terminus. But C-murder has been known to save the day on multiple occasions so she’s probably alive.


Predictions/Spoiler alert

The makers of the show definitely threw a monkey wrench in the story by making the whole group trapped by cannibals because in the comic they only capture one person at a time. Also in the comics, Dale was the one who was captured by the cannibals. In fact these sick bastards ATE his legs! Since there’s no refrigeration they like to keep their dinner alive for as long as possible. Unfortunately they ate the legs and later realized that he had already been bitten. Ahahahahaha so they gave him back to the group like he was a newspaper!

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.29.09 PM

So my prediction for season 5 is that Rick will destroy Terminus, find a new sanctuary (if they do not restore it)  and Rick will find love. If not with Michonne, they’ll introduce the new character for him. Tell me what you guys think!

P.S.  The new comic that was released last month is off the chain! If you are already reading it hit me up on Twitter or Instagram so we can talk about it! (Shoutouts to my homie Chippy) See you guys in season 5! I love you!

xoxo Queen V

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