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Spoiler Alert – The Walking Dead Review – Season 4 Episode 15

This episode was OK. So let’s talk about it, shall we…

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Abraham, Rosita, Tara, Glenn and Eugene are seen walking a path in a wooded area. Eugene starts talking about different theories regarding the zombie disease and video games to an uninterested Tara. Night falls and Tara is up keeping watch. Abraham sits next to her and suggests that she gets some rest. Tara declines his offer. “I don’t trust you to keep Eugene safe so I’m staying up” says Abraham. He ponders why Tara would risk her life to reunite Glenn with his wife. His initial thought was that she was in love with Glenn until he spotted her checking out Rosita. Tara half way admits that she is helping Glenn because of “something [she] did”. The next day, they are on the road again and they spot a sign that says “Glenn go to Terminus. – Maggie, Sasha, Bob”. Glenn takes off running.


Brief Cameo of Michonne and Friends

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Literally, we saw Michonne for two seconds as her and Carl were walking on the railroad tracks to see who falls off first, while Rick is smiling like an idiot. I really hope this last episode is dedicated to their storyline. I also hope they let us know what happens to Tyrese and C-Murder (aka Carol) because I’m over Daryl’s passive aggressive-ass and Beth’s growing pains. Moving along swiftly and professionally…



Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 8.42.38 PM

Speaking of Daryl, I grew really tired of seeing Daryl get punked around in this episode. Starting from the beginning, Daryl is now with a new group, and early on that day he left the group to catch something to eat. After shooting a rabbit, Len (recipient of the HATER of the Year award) comes out of nowhere and said that he claimed that rabbit. Joe (aka Merle 2.0) comes over to mediate the situation. He politely explains to Daryl that there are rules in the community and claiming this is how everyone gets along. Daryl says he does not want to follow any rules and attempts to leave. Joe grabs the rabbit from behind him, cuts it in half and tosses the other half to Len. “I’m not going to kill you for a lesson you didn’t know about” says a stern Joe. *PAUSE* You don’t take a grown-ass man’s rabbit from behind! Daryl, how did you let another man take your rabbit, your FOOD away from you? And Joe, this is a pretty big rule. Why didn’t you let Daryl know the rules before joining your crew? I don’t mean to compare but Rick was quick to disclose the “prison rules” (“the farm rules “and “the open road rules”) to any new person who joined. Something about Joe does not sit right with me. Why was he so quick to recruit and convince Daryl to stay? If Rick’s own mother made her way to the prison and he found out that she killed more humans and zombies he would not have let her in.

But the punking of Daryl does not stop there. As the crew sought out new shelter Joe asked Daryl “So what’s the plan?”

He replies “I’m looking for the right place.”

“Oh we aren’t good enough for you? You should be with us. We don’t have to be friends or brothers, just follow the rules. If you steal, you kill. And don’t lie” says Joe.

They discover an abandon building with cars inside. Joe notifies the crew that they are staying here for the night. Everyone was quick to claim a vehicle to sleep in and unfortunately Daryl was the odd man out and had to sleep on the floor. Daryl is no stranger to sleeping on the floor, ground or coffin, but he clearly didn’t learn his lesson about claiming stuff.

When Daryl left to use the bathroom, Len put his half of the rabbit in Daryl’s bag (My question is, why didn’t he eat it?). Once he returned, Len accused him of stealing. Joe witnessed Len putting the rabbit in Daryl’s bag and called him out on it. Joe punches Len in the face and tells the crew members to teach him a lesson, “Teach him a good lesson.” The next day the crew heads out on the road again. Daryl finds Len’s dead body on the ground with an arrow in his head. Daryl grabs a blanket and contemplates covering his body as a sign of respect. In a split second he tosses it to the side and catches up with the rest of the group. This small moment spoke to me. Beth’s (aka Taylor Swift aka Sophia 2.0) kind hearted qualities rubbed off on Daryl (a little bit). So he picked up the blanket because it was something that she would have done. But he tossed it because he reminded himself that Len was an asshole and felt like justice was served. This action (for me) signifies that he is throwing away his past, meaning I don’t think he’ll be searching for Beth anytime soon.

I truly believe that Joe is Merle 2.0 in the eyes of Daryl. Joe is the big brother he’s always wanted. Someone who could protect him and rely on. Either way I still don’t trust him, what do you guys think?

Reunited and It Feels So Good

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During their travels Glenn discovers another message from Maggie outside of a dark tunnel. Glenn says “If Maggie went through this so can I.” Abraham says “Do you hear that?” referring to the zombie noises. “I can’t assure Eugene’s safety and I know you do not want to take a detour so this is where we have to say goodbye.” Abraham hands them both a can of food and a flashlight and then part ways. As Glenn and Tara walk inside the tunnel they have a heart to heart about their feelings and what not. *PAUSE* Are you serious? I know they hear the zombies moans. Why are they talking so loud inside of this death trap? Long story short, Glenn and Tara almost get eaten by a heard of zombies and all the sudden everybody (i.e. Sasha, Bob, Maggie, Ab, Rosita and Eugene) starts shooting and saves the day.

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 8.54.34 PM

Maggie and Glenn embrace each other. It was beautiful how he called her “beautiful” when they all looked a hot mess. Glenn introduced Tara as a stranger he met on the road. Tara’s face showed discomfort. I think somewhere in the near future she will admit to Maggie that her crew is responsible for the death of her father. But I’m not sure if Maggie could forgive like Tyrese.

Now that most of the people are reunited, how come no one is questioning where the others are? Maggie has not once questioned and the whereabouts of her sister and she has not left any messages for her either. Sasha is also looking for her brother but how come she isn’t taking Maggie’s lead and leaving messages for him as well. I can’t be the only one who thinks this.

Moving along? Abraham has convinced the others to join his mission to Washington DC, but Sasha is determined to go to Terminus first to see if Tyrese will be there. I wonder how long she’s going to wait for his return. Eugene says that they should all go to Terminus so that they can gather more supplies for their long trip and of course Abraham cosigns the idea. The new group makes it to Terminus. Terminus looks like an old campus, it was gated, it had mini gardens and sunflowers growing. Once they were inside the community, they were greeted by a woman named Mary who offered to get them settled in and a bite to eat. The end.

Overall this episode was okay, but you know the show has a habit of releasing a dry episode 1 week, only to shock us the following week. If they have to kill off a main character I think it’s going to be Tyrese and/or Carol.


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I already told you guys in the previous post that they did not make it in the comics but what’s interesting is, in the comics Tyrese and Carol are in a committed relationship (…kind of). So I wonder if the show is going to make their relationship mature lol. I hope not but it could happen. Also to ease some of your minds Terminus is a safe place… For now. Until next time!

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2 comments on “Spoiler Alert – The Walking Dead Review – Season 4 Episode 15

  1. Athena Corbin
    March 26, 2014

    Yes!! I have been asking the question of why are certain people not looking for others for a minute now. Also, I feel you on not trusting the leader of Daryl’s new group…he is playing too many games and he’s only just barely been introduced. And I think Beth might be taking the place of dale(from the comic book). The whole being watched and kidnapped in a car scene; looks real familiar to me.

    • queenvchronicles
      March 26, 2014

      Sigh… yea girl Beth is outta her for sure. She even foreshadowed her death, talking about some “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone” IDK of they are going to show that tho

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