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The Walking Dead Review – Season 4 Episode 14

Shhh… Just look at the flowers and count with me. One. Two. Three…

Night falls at their temporary camp. Mika and Tyrese are sleeping on the ground while Carol, holding Judith, and Lizzie are awake keeping watch.

“Will there be other children at Terminus?” said Lizzie.

“Yes, if their parents took good care of their children like Tyrese took good care of you and Mika” said Carol.

“No, I saved Tyrese. I killed the people at the prison who were shooting at us.”

“You did what you had to do.”

“Ma’am, did you have a daughter?”


“Do you miss her?”


“Would you miss me if I was gone?”

“Go to bed Lizzie, you need your rest.”

After Lizzie hugs Carol good night, she lays down next to Tyrese, who is crying out for Karen in his sleep.

Walkers are Our Friends

The next morning we find out that Tyrese is suffering from an infection and high fever from an old wound he never had time to tend too. As Carol was cleaning his wounds Tyrese praises how strong Lizzie has become. Carol says that Lizzie is strong with people but is confused with walkers. She also says Mika is worse because she is weak and too sweet.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.56.01 PM

Carol and Mika go off to find water while Tyrese and Lizzie stay behind and play iSpy. Tyrese notices a walker heading towards them. The walker trips in between the rail road tracks and Tyrese pulls out his handy dandy hammer and Lizzie stops him. She said “ I know there are times we have to kill them and other times we don’t. I understand that now.” They both walk away. If you recall Hershel said something similar when him and Carl were in the woods collecting berries for his herbal tea. Carl was about to shoot a zombie that was stuck in the mud and Hershel stopped him. #FirstForeshadowing/RedFlagMoment.

Let Me Be Me

During their water run, Carol reminds Mika that she smart but weak and that she must quickly get over killing zombies/people when it comes to survival. Mika was unbothered by her argument and simply stated that she was great at running and that killing wasn’t really her thing. In Carol’s eyes, Mika is her Sophia 2.0. All the things she wanted to teach her own daughter, she is projecting onto Mika. The BIG difference is Sophia was shy, timid, and good by design. She was raised in a household with an abusive father where she had to be all of those things to make it. Mika on the other hand, seemed like she had a decent father (we don’t know what happened to her mother), was given the tools to fight and be strong but at the end of the day she decided to stand for hope and humanity, just like Hershel. Hershel and Mika both carried the philosophy that “just because the world is crazy doesn’t mean we have to contribute to it.” #SecondForeshadowing/RedFlagMoment

We Should Live Here

They eventually find a home that has a well with fresh water. As Carol and Tyrese go inside the home to clear it out, Lizzie and Mika are sitting on a bench holding Judith.

“There going to find one and kill it” says an upset Lizzie.

“Stop it! They aren’t people!” said Mika.

Lizzie whispers “You’re wrong, you are all wrong. You’ll see” #ThirdForeshadowing/RedFlagMoment. Seconds later, a zombie tumbles over the porch and tries to attack the girls. Mika shoots and kills the zombie and Lizzie runs off upset that another one of her fallen soldiers has died. Mika runs after her and says “I’m sorry for yelling at you. It’s ok, just look at the flowers. Look at the pretty flowers and count with me. One. Two. Three.” This technique seems to be working. If you guys recall Mika had to do the pretty flowers trick after Nick (the Zombie) died, which just so happened to be the same day her father died as well.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.41.45 PM

After all the commotion, everyone is settling in the home nicely. Judith is upstairs sleeping, Mika is playing with her new doll and Carol and Lizzie are at the table cracking walnuts. Mika adorably smiles and says “ We should live here”.


Tag You’re It!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.35.50 PM

The next day Carol is in the kitchen putting water in the kettle and sees Lizzie outside playing with a zombie. She runs outside and tries to kill the zombie. Lizzie stands between Carol and the zombie and says “No.” Carol grabs hold of the zombie and stabs it in the face.

*PAUSE* Here is where I had to turn down the volume to my TV and put on the closed captioning because I sensed another (excuse me for saying this) “White Girl Meltdown”.


Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.40.32 PM

Carol was on the ground looking back at Lizzie, lost for words. #FourthForeshadowing/RedFlagMoment. At this point WHY would they leave Lizzie alone with Judith and Mika knowing she likes to play hopscotch with walkers. This whole mess could have been avoided if they had peeped the signs early on. I mean come on! Ever since the prison Mika has  told Carol  that her sister was messed up in the head. Homegirl needs a chaperone, buddy system, a bouquet of flowers and a straight jacket at all times. But lets move on, fast forward. Mika spots Lizzie leaving the home and she follows her.

Lizzie and the previous zombie she saved are having a picnic on the rail road tracks and mice is on the menu. WHO MAKES THIS STUFF UP? I was literally laughing my ass off at this scene. Lizzie dangles the mice over the zombie’s head as if it were a stem of grapes and feeds it to him. Satisfaction is written all over her face. “Sorry, I’ll get you more” she says so lovingly. Mika yells and says “this isn’t a game blah blah blah”. A herd of burnt zombies come and they both run home. Everyone including Lizzie and Mika join the shoot out.

I Know What I Have to Do

Night falls once again and Carol wants to make sure that Lizzie understands that zombies are bad. Mika says “ I don’t want to be mean. I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Lizzie replies “You have to be mean, but only sometimes.” *PAUSE* Uhh Mika… now would have been the perfect time to tell everyone that your sister was feeding mice to  zombies. Also how do you sleep next to someone and not know they have a box full of mice underneath their bed? Let’s fast forward…

Tyrese and Carol go out into the woods to hunt for deer and end up having a heart to heart about his feelings. When they return home Lizzie is covered in blood, holding a knife. Mika is dead on the floor and judith is alive and crawling on a baby blanket.

The first words out of Lizzie’s mouth is “We have to wait, so you can get it.”

(Jesus give me strength)

After Tyrese tells her to put the gun down, Carol says “ You and Tyrese should take Judith inside and I’ll watch Mika. Lizzie says “Judith can change to, I was just about to…” “She can’t walk” says a flustered Carol. “Huh, you’re right. You watch. Promise you’ll watch ” says Lizzie as she walks away with Tyrese and Judith.

Carol breaks down and weeps for Mika. This cry is similar to how she cried when Sophia came out of the barn on Hershel’s farm.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.41.59 PM

I’m not good at rationalizing crazy, but if I had to take a stab at it (see what I did there) Lizzie believed life could be extended through transitioning into a zombie. Which is why she cried more over the death of a zombies than her own father and why she had no problem shooting the governor’s crew because she knew they would come back better then ever.


Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.41.15 PM

Tyrese puts Lizzie in the room upstairs and discovers that she is responsible for feeding the zombies and dissected the rat he found in the basement of the prison. He also entertained the idea that she could be responsible for killing David and Karen.

*Delete Carol and insert C-Murder* C-Murder is sitting at the table with frustrated eyes and denies that Lizzie is responsible. Tyrese gently pats Judith on the back and says “What do we do?” She says “I can leave with her. I can’t sleep with her and Judith in the same room. She can’t be around other people.” C-Murder says “she can’t be around other people” about 10 times during this conversation. At this point we know what she is going to do.

Moments later C-Murder is seen walking with Lizzie in an open field. “We are going to pick some wild flowers for Mika”. Lizzie skips and replies “Yeah, She’ll like that”.

Noticing the somber tone in her voice Lizzie says “What is it? Are you mad at me? I’m sorry! I pointed my gun at you because I just wanted you to wait” She walks off and starts to cry.

“I love you Lizzie. Everything works out the way they are supposed too. Just look at the flowers” says Carol as she shoots her in the head.

Tyrese saw this whole thing go down, and I am super surprised he did not put two and two together when it came to the clues of who killed his girl-friend. If you guys recall in my previous post,  I have been looking forward to this conversation between these two because I felt that Rick robbed Tyrese of the opportunity to heal. C-Murder hands Tyrese the guns and admits that she killed Karen and David. Tyrese’s body language exuded pain but he swallows it and forgives her. WOW, this is the most powerful scene I have seen in a long time. No corny redneck music playing in the background and nobody is throwing middle fingers in the air. It’s just them and the crickets in the background. Long story short, they (i.e. Judith, Carol and Tyrese) decide to leave and head towards Terminus. THE END


I have no clue what is going to happen to Carol, Tyrese and Judith in the near future. Why? Because in the comic NONE of these people make it.

Speaking of Comic Book references, this episode can be found in Volume 11. If you guys want an in depth review on the comics let me know. But for now I’ll stop right here.

Till Next Time

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2 comments on “The Walking Dead Review – Season 4 Episode 14

  1. Keenan Henderson
    March 18, 2014

    Again a solid review!
    And yeah I would agree with your theory about extending life, she doesn’t understand that they are dead and not people so she literally cannot distinguish the difference, which is why she had to go.

    And I’m also glad there was very minimal music in this episode, I love the country power ballads, but for this episode it would have been out of plan. Extremely powerful directing and writing!

    • queenvchronicles
      March 18, 2014

      Thanks for reading luv. I agree Tyrese and Carol acted there butts off in this episode

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