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SPOILER ALERT! The Walking Dead Review- Season 4 Episode 13

Does anybody else become exhausted after watching episodes of The Walking Dead? I should warn you there are a couple of spoilers towards the end of the review, but let’s start off at the top shall we.

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The episode takes us back to the beginning of season four. Bob has debris and sadness written all over his face as he walks aimlessly in the woods. He spots a shallow cave, collects long branches and creates a jail-like shelter to protect himself from the zombies while he takes long swigs from a flask. His alcohol supply is now dry, and he continues to wander. Suddenly he hears a vehicle behind him, he turns around and out comes Glenn and Daryl.

Cloudy With a Chance of Sasha

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 6.46.26 PM

Sasha becomes president of the Pessimism Club and she was determined to recruit new members throughout the episode. After Bob’s flashback, we jump into an intense scene where Sasha, Bob, and Maggie had to fight off zombies in the midst of a thick fog. After their long battle, Maggie leaves to find more fire wood. Sasha takes this opportunity to express how she really feels. She proclaims that fighting off zombies in the fog was a sign that they should stop searching for Glenn, and not head towards “Terminus”. Bob told her that the zombie fog fight was not that bad [FACT], that there is no way she could convince Maggie to stop looking for Glenn [FACT], and to quit being scared and assuming that Tyrese is dead [DOUBLE FACT]. Sasha denied all of what Bob said and took a nap. Once she woke up, Bob discovered a note Maggie had left stating that she left on her own to search. Bob wants to go find her.

On their journey, they spot the messages Maggie had left behind for Glenn and she rolls her manic-depressive-ass eyes at every single one of them. Up the road, she spots an abandon building and immediately makes plans to stop searching for Maggie, to settle, grow crops and live out the remainder of their lives. Bob looks at her like she is crazy and says “I’m not going to stop looking for Maggie, she is alone, and you are just scared”. Queen P (and the “P” stands for pessimist) says “No! We are staying here, Maggie made that choice for herself.”

“I’m going to do something.” said Bob. He leans in and passionately kisses her and says “Well, that’s it then.” and walks away. I hate Bob, but at this moment he handled himself like a true gangsta.

First of all, Bob has tried so hard to get in Sasha’s pants since day 1 and she has not let up. With that said, how is someone with ZERO girlfriend privileges trying to dictate another man’s actions. #WhereTheyDoThatAt? Maggie is over here fighting for love and Sasha could have it too, but she is too busy playing games. By the way, does anyone find it interesting that Maggie is so passionate about finding Glenn but has not mentioned Beth, not once #ImNotMadTho. And does anybody else think that Maggie is pregnant, and this could be the MAIN reason she wants to find Glenn? Think about it.

Let me wrap this up quickly. Bob leaves, Sasha enters the abandon building, she starts to cry, spots Maggie lying on the floor searching for zombies, they both tag team to fight the zombies, Sasha finally admits that she is scared, and then literally 2 seconds later they meet up with Bob to continue their search to find Glenn. Moving along swiftly and professionally….

Daryl’s in Love?

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 6.39.29 PM

When we first spot Daryl, he is continuing his crossbow lesson with Beth. Home girl trips, messes up her ankle and now Daryl has to carry her to safety. They make their way to a cemetery and inside of a funeral parlor. They spot a body lying inside of a casket. The body looks… FRESH. Daryl touches the face and notices makeup on his fingertips. They make their way into the cellar where people prepare dead bodies for funerals. Daryl comments “I guess this guy ran out of dolls to play with”. Beth says “You don’t find this beautiful? There are still good people left in the world. He remembers that these things use to be real people”. Daryl patches her ankle and they continue to move to the next location. [Mild spoiler Alert] To those who have read the comics, don’t you think this would have been the PERFECT opportunity to introduce the priest?

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 6.37.56 PMAny who, Daryl and Beth find an empty house that looks normal. The house was clean and well kept. They find a stash of peanut butter, soda and pigs feet. Beth begins to write a thank you note to the home owners. Daryl says “that note might not be necessary.” He suggests that they should stay and if the owners come back they could make it work. Beth innocently smiles and says “You see! You do believe that there are good people left. What changed your mind?” *PAUSE* Are you serious? The mailman. The mailman changed his mind Beth. She has been acting like a horny teenager this whole time and she can’t figure out what changed his mind?  LOL Did you guys see her face when she realized he was talking about her. She gave him the Ewwww, no, go away, you’re creepy face. Beth Beth Beth, you stupid. Let’s wrap up this storyline, Daryl tries to save a one-eyed dog and accidentally lets in a thousand zombies to crash his Pig Feet party. Daryl tells Beth to run towards the street and he’ll meet her there, he eventually leaves the house only to find out that she has been kidnapped and he runs after the car. Beth (aka Taylor Swift) has now become Sophia 2.0. After a day of following the tracks of the car, Daryl collapses on the road and is now surrounded by uhhh… rednecks. After a light tussle, they seem to have a non-verbal understanding. THE END

[Super Spoiler Alert]

For those of you who have read the comics, my friend and I are taking bets:

1) My friend believes, that the people who kidnapped Beth are the cannibals in the comic book who ate [insert name here]’s legs.

2) But I believe that the people who kidnapped Beth are a part of Negan’s crew and then Negan will make her one of his sex slaves to join his 50 wives.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section or tell me on twitter (@QVProduction)

Till Next time.



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