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Can We Talk About it? The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 11

Kisses to all my readers, you are the reason I write every week. This episode was a doozy, so let’s jump right in and discussed it shall we.

The show opens up with Carl eating cereal on the dining room table. Michonne walks in with an oversized white collared button down shirt and Carl starts to laugh. They discuss light pleasantries until Carl reminisces about Judith. Michonne walks into the kitchen to meet Rick.

Mama Michonne

carl-and-michonneI am loving the onion layers the show is pulling off of Michonne. The bond between Carl and her during this series is quite beautiful. In this episode she is scolding him for not liking soy milking, tries to make him feel better with spray cheese, opens up to him about her son and spares him from seeing the children’s rooms that had dead bodies in them.

#TEAMMICHONNE Congrats to the show for making her character make sense to us. With 19 graphic novels under our belts, Michonne is still a mystery… so Thank you AMC!

Sleeping Beauty

Before Carl and Michonne go on their run, she convinces Rick to stay at home and rest. Rick does just that. He goes upstairs, grabs his favorite romance novel and makes himself comfortable on the bed. Rick dozes off and he hears men arguing and fighting down stairs. Rick hops out of bed and rolls underneath it (not without grabbing his water and book of course). Two men come upstairs and one strangles the other to death and Rick has front row seats. The victor plops on the bed damn near crushing Rick underneath, and he falls asleep.

rick bed (2)*PAUSE* The series has shown us that someone can die and come back as a zombie in less than 5 minutes. You mean to tell me that the time it took for the gentlemen to die and the Victor to fall into REM sleep, was not enough time for the dead guy to come back and attack Rick under the bed? Are you serious? We are a year into the zombie apocalypse, who the hell kills a person, leaves the body there and falls asleep in the same room? What sense does that make?

Trust No One

Recognizing what I know about Eugene, I think I might have to bring him down to Bob’s level (regarding the disgust I have towards him). But I am jumping the gun a little. Let’s rewind.

glenn n ab (2)Glenn comes out of his coma and wakes up in the back of Abraham’s (Ab) truck. Glenn frantically asks Tara have they passed a school bus. She responded “3 hours ago, and I know how to get back”. They both demand to get out of the truck so they can search for the bus (i.e. Maggie). Ab says they are on a “TOP SECRET MISSION” to save the world. First red flag- Secrets get you killed! Said Glenn back in season 2. Ab also says that Eugene is a scientist that knows how this whole thing started and he has been in communication with officials on his walkie talkie, but they stopped responding a while ago. Second red flag-WHAT? Glenn looks at him like he is full of shit (which he should). Why? Let me remind you guys of what happened during season 1 when the group found their way to the CDC and they ACTUALLY met the last Doctor who was trying to find a cure. Guess what? He couldn’t find the cure and admitted that they were all infected, and then he not only decided was he going to blow himself up but blow EVERYBODY else up as well. With that said WHY IN THE WORLD would Glenn trust this fool with a messed up haircut, non-aim having ass, who brags about his intelligence with a broken walkie talkie to SAVE THE WORLD??????? Glenn said “Naw, I’m good” #AintNoBodyGotTimeForThat

What’s to come?

The show concludes with Ab, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn and Tara heading towards the bus. Michonne, Rick and Carl found the sanctuary that Ty Ty, C-Murder and the girls discovered.

I don’t know guys, this next episode has me kind of scared for Daryl. Daryl is not in the comics, so I have no idea how he fits in with the future events that will take place. Keeping my fingers crossed for Daryl hoping that he makes it out alive.

Till next time.


2 comments on “Can We Talk About it? The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 11

  1. Keenan Henderson
    February 27, 2014

    Haha this was such a fun review to read! I love your writing style with it for sure!

    I was gonna say, the guy who was in the room with Rick, he wasn’t killed, just put to sleep, that’s why Rick could see him snoring before he snuck out of the room. Rick DID kill the guy in the bathroom however, which means that the crew in the house got a nasty surprise when they that comes to their attention!

    • queenvchronicles
      February 27, 2014

      Thanks for reading boo! You have definitely inspired me to crank these reviews out next day. Less time to over think it.

      OK that makes sense, because I was super confused

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