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Can We Talk About It? – The Walking Dead- Season 4 Episode 10

Welcome to another installment of my Walking Dead Review. I’m going to
try my best not to divulge too many spoilers, but if I do, oh well.
Let’s get straight into it.

The episode opens with Taylor Swift (aka Beth) and Daryl running through
the forest away from the prison.
During their escape Taylor Swift was narrating the scene by taking
selections from her journal, where she examines hope, trust and how
happy that we’re to find the prison to settle in and not be afraid any more.

Keep Hope Alive

daryl n beth (2)Beth’s optimism was boarder line annoying in this episode. She
was definitely giving me “Carl tease” when she was catching
an attitude at Daryl and recklessly trying to find others. I felt the
show spent a little too much time on those 2, even though they had to
reveal the clues to set up the remainder of the narrative. Moving along…

Man of the Year Goes To…

Tyrese! Oh my goodness, my heart dropped when I saw him stranded with Psycho
Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith.  Why did the writers do that too him? I
thought Rick had it bad dealing with Carl’s whinny ass, but that is
his child, he created that mess, but at least Carl can shoot a gun.
Tyrese looked so awkward holding Ass Kicker like a bag of groceries.

In the midst of them finding grapes and seeking protection, Tyreese
hears someone calling for aid. He leaves the children by the tree,
tells them to protect each other and to run if they were in trouble. Tyrese leaves and Psycho attempts to “silence” Ass Kicker by
smothering her. *sigh* At this point there is no way she can be “fixed”. She
makes friends, names and tries to save zombies, she shed no tears for her father’s
demise, but cries her eyes away when her pet zombie, Nick, “dies”.
You cannot tell me she was not responsible for feeding the zombies and
dissecting the rat Rick, Tyrese and Daryl found at the rear of the
prison. #BYEFELISHA She needs to go! RIP to the rabbits.

Reunited and it Feels So Good

family wd (2)Aww man did you see how happy Tyrese was to see C-Murder! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I have some questions: Carol was working her path backwards to the
prison, right? She knows that Ty Ty lives there, right? So she didn’t
prepare a speech for encounter with him? No? Did she come back to take
Lizzie and Mika and possibly her BFF Daryl and run off??? I need some
answers. Tell me what you guys think.

However, even though I am being hard on C-Murder, I’m really happy
that she is back. She and Taylor Swift practically raised Ass Kicker. I’m really hoping
that she can set Lizzie’s crazy ass straight and be woman enough to
come clean to Tyrese so he can get the closure he needs.

Sasha Don’t You Fall In Love with Bob
#ThatIsAll click here, to find out why I hate Bob.

bob n sasha (2)

Dafuq Happened to the Bus

Maggie is just as reckless as Carl and Beth at this point. She is on a
mission to find Glenn and of course Bob and Sasha aren’t going to let
her go by herself so they tag along. They come across the bus that she
last saw Glenn in, and it was full of zombies.

One of my theories is, that bus was filled with sick people trying to
recover. I think one of them died and attacked everybody else on
the bus. But I could have sworn there were kids on that bus too. What
happened to them?

No Glenn Left Behind
glenn (2)
So Glenn’s was sick and got left behind, I would love to know how that
happened. Long story short, he grabs supplies and his infamous riot
gear and tries to leave, until he spots Tara, hiding in the bushes.
She feels guilty and for the attack, so she was going to stay there and die.
Glenn said “Bish, I don’t want your help I need it.” She agrees, he
lights up a VSOP bottle and blows up a car to distract the zombie’s and escapes.

rositaabrahameugeneGlenn gets delirious passes out and Tara violently kills a zombie.
Once she is done a truck pulls up and it’s Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.
I was super shocked because those 3 look exactly the same way they do
in the comics. Spoiler Alert: These people are not bad.

It was a pretty good episode. This is the stage where the story actually
begins. The show spent way too much time in the prison. In the comic
they were almost in and out the prison in just 2
to 3 comics. We are in for one heck of a ride.

I look forward talking to you guys next week.


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