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Can We Talk About It? Season 4 Episode 9- The Walking Dead

WARNING: THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS!!! So if you haven’t seen the new episode or read the comics stop reading here.

Aloha lovely readers! Boy have I missed you and the show. So lets jump right in shall we. For anyone who has missed the premier, all you have to do is read volume 9 because this episode followed the comic book to a T.

The episode opens up with a disheveled prison, overrun with zombies and military equipment. Michonne is alone.  She strolls over to the prison gate, cuts off a piece of rope and wrangles 2 pet zombies, which is reminiscent to the original Michonne we know and love. She somberly attempts to leave the prison and stumbles across Hershel’s head.  We witness the pain in her eyes as she stabs Hershel in the brain.Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 9.16.22 PM

Michonne’s Journey

After the first commercial break, *Flash Back* we see a GORGEOUS Michonne in a sleek modern kitchen, having a conversation with her lover Mike and his friend (Cousin? Brother? Nephew? Friend? idk) Terry.

To be honest, I can’t even recall the conversation that took place. This scene looked like another commercial. I literally said “Hmmm, that woman looks just like Michonne”.  I mistook it for an ad because we have not seen anyone with clean clothes in a minute, so I wasn’t registering that this was the show until half way through the scene. The one thing that stood out to me the most was how happy Michonne looked when her child ran into her arms and then everything went back to hell again. This is the first time we have a glimpse into Michonne’s past.

Heck the comic has not even addressed her past yet. In this series she has been cold, unreadable and distant. Andrea practically begged her to open up about her past, but she quickly shut it down. The only time we witnessed her in a vulnerable state was when she wept holding Lil Ass-kicker (i.e. Judith) in her arms, which totally makes sense now.

In this episode we witness Michonne crying hysterically 3 different times and it’s probably because she has never consciously dealt with the pain of losing her loved ones, so her sub-conscience is forcing her to deal with ALL her pain and we are literally watching her fight for her life.

Power Trip

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 9.22.28 PMMy goodness the power struggle between Rick and Carl was a natural birth control for me. Their dialogue was so overwhelming to watch, let alone read in the comics. Rick was straggling behind Carl with a busted lip, a swollen eye, a messed up hand etc, and Carl’s ass was speed walking and leaving him behind. Rick told him to slow down, Carl said no, Rick told him to stay back, Carl said no, Rick said eat, Carl said no, Rick said “don’t waste your bullets, because we will need them later”, Carl shoots and said no. #AintNobodyGotTime for Carl’s growing pains.

The climax of their power struggle was when Carl took the Xbox cord and tied a fancy knot on the door. Rick asked him to make sure it was secure. And Carl’s insensitive ass states “ I know it’s secure, Shane [my other daddy] taught me”. Did you guys see the hurt on Rick’s busted face? I felt so bad for him. Shane attempted to kill Rick, slept with this wife, saved Carl’s life on numerous occasions and there is a 50% chance he might be Ass Kicker’s father.

Aw man, I know that Carl doesn’t know all of this information, but at the end of the day his mouth is not helping their situation. (SPOILER ALERT: What’s funny is, Carl was the one who shot and killed Shane in the first damn comic for threatening Rick!).

Moving along, Rick passes out on the couch and Carl lures the zombies away from the home and continues to scavenge for supplies. After losing his shoes (and almost his life) to  zombies, he finds a barrel of pudding and enjoys himself on the roof of an abandon house.

Carl finally makes his way home and unloads his feelings towards Rick, He says things like“I’ll be all right if you died”, “I killed 3 zombies”, “You can’t take care of me, you couldn’t even take care of mom, Hershel, Andrea, T Dog, Jackie or Judith.” All of these verbal bullets were being thrown while Rick was out.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 9.18.14 PMAfter he stops, he sits down and hears Rick making zombie like noises. Carl is unable to kill Rick and realizes he does not want to live in a world without him. *awwww*. Rick then muffles “Carl… it’s not safe to go outside” (he is not dead) and all is right with the world.

After Rick regains his strength, he hears a knock  on the door, peeks through the peep hole and he sees Michonne. He slides down to the floor smiles and says “It’s for you!” and the show ends.

I can’t wait for the next episode. Since I have read the comics I know what to expect, but I would love to know how they will continue to paint Michonne because in the comics she is 10 TIMES messier and less lovable. I also want to know what happened to baby Judith. There has been no glimpse of Ass Kicker in all of the previews I have seen. CRAZINESS! Let me know what you think.


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