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Can We Talk About It? Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead

Hold on… *takes a sip of water* did you guys see the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead?!  This episode made up for the nonsense we witnessed 2 episodes ago. I am going to jump right in and talk about some of the major events so let’s get started…

The scene opens up with the Governor giving a speech to his new crew regarding the importance of attacking the prison.


Lilly run! Don’t trust that fool! – Lilly (aka Lori 2.0) overheard the Governor’s speech and asked him to think about the well-being of Meghan; of course he dismissed her feelings. All I want to know is WHY? Why is everybody in this camp so damn trusting of the Governor? In the last episode, the campers practically begged him to reveal some information about his past but he didn’t let up. You mean to tell me they gave complete trust to a stranger with one eye, whom they know nothing about and convinced them to go into warfare without proper training? At least in Woodberry he actually took the time to train his citizens. Sheesh! The Walking Dead is like the adult version of “Lord of the Flies”.

The-Governor-Lily-MeghanA woman’s intuition is a powerful thing, it’s unfortunate that we do not act upon it more often. Lilly sensed the warning signs from the start. For instance, the Governor had more than one gun when they first met, he didn’t clean his own dishes (lol), he has one eye, never talked about his past, he is a loner and now he wants to kill innocent people. By episode 6 she should have rounded up her daughter and left him while he was sleeping just like Martinez and Shumpert did.

Spit that logic Hershel!- Before I get into Hershel, I am soooo upset that the first time we see Michonne in this episode she gets pistol whipped by the Governor and drops like a sack of potatoes. In the next scene we witness Hershel and Michonne with their hands tied behind their backs inside the Governor’s mobile home. The governor places a Band-Aid on her head and says “I’m not going to kill you Michonne, I understand that you didn’t kill my daughter, she was already dead.” Being the gangsta that she is, she replies “I’m going to kill you and…” Hershel interrupts her and gives a beautiful speech about how he sees the positive change in the Governor and how they can all live harmoniously under the same roof at the prison without any bloodshed. The Governor was not trying to hear it. He frankly states that he and Michonne cannot possibly live peacefully underneath the same roof. He is right! It would be like Spy vs. Spy every day at the prison #Aintnobodygottimeforthat. Hershel should have said “Yea, I’ll help you take over the prison only if you promise we’ll have Spaghetti Tuesdays” and then Michonne and him could have figured out a way to escape or kill him quietly.

the 3Uhhhh what type of bootleg hostage situation is this? Hershel was not unconscious (Michonne was), in fact the Governor captured the both of them in the daytime. You mean to tell me that the Governor had to tie both of them up, carry Michonne over his shoulders, have Hershel hobble along and NO ONE saw them coming towards the camp? Where is everybody? Even when they were inside his mobile home the Governor DID NOT tape their mouths shut, so you also mean to tell me that both Michonne and Hershel didn’t even attempt to scream for help? I can’t… this part of the episode didn’t make any sense to me. Moving along swiftly and professionally…

“There’s a psychopath living in the prison”- Before I touch on Tyreese’s brief appearance on this episode, can we talk about the lack luster conversation between Daryl and Rick regarding C-Murder aka Carol? In my previous post, I thought this was going to be a huge argument between the two. I thought that Daryl was going to be so overwhelmed with grief that he was going to ask Michonne to come with him to find C-Murder. Then during their travels they will fall in love with each other and live happier ever after. But that did not happen, Daryl was upset for 2 seconds and then said lets go tell Tyreese and see what he says.

tyreese1Tyreese tells the guys he has something to show them. He leads them to the bottom of the prison to discover a dissected rat with its skin neatly stretched and pinned down on a plank while its internal organ were still intact. *hold on while I throw up* who has time to play these crazy ass games when you have to deal with the swine flu outbreak and zombies on the loose. Tyreese believes that whomever did this is also responsible for feeding the zombies and killed Karen and David. At this point, it does it makes any sense for the main or recurring characters to be responsible for feeding the zombies. I believe there is one more scorned prisoner left that no one knows about, who is set on sabotaging the prison. Anyway, as soon as Rick tries to tell Tyreese what really happened to Karen and David they hear a loud booming sound that shakes the prison.

New Camp vs Team Prison- Oh my goodness I can write a whole novel about this intense fight seen, so I am going to keep this as brief as possible…

captiveI did not appreciate the fact that it took 20 years for Rick to get his scared ass down the hill to talk to the Governor. I also didn’t appreciate his emotional-ass monologue. As a police officer he should have known that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. SMH Carl should have taken the shot while he had the chance.  Next!

hershel2*a moment of silence for Hershel* Yo I can’t believe the Governor cut Hershel’s head off! Especially after he praised Hershel for being a good and honest man. Did you guys notice that Rick said “Let ‘HIM’ go” (referring to Hershel). HELLO??? Do you not see Michonne standing right there?! This is strike 2 Rick! Remember back in season 3 when you were about to hand her over to the Governor so he would not attack the prison. I am so glad, Michonne didn’t end up with Rick at the end of the episode. I hope she is with Daryl so they can live happily ever after. Speaking of Michonne, did you guys see that FLAWLESS barrel roll she did when she tried to get away from all that shooting? I was in awe of her majestic ways. #ThatGirlIsOnFire!

For once, Lizzie didn’t not piss me off. C-Murder would have been proud to see all the little kids step up to save themselves and others. But where in the heck did Lizzie and Mika run too? I hope Tyreese caught up to them and I hope they all got to the bus.

I really hope that Sasha does not fall in love with BOB. Oh that man makes my teeth itch! Sasha is way too good for him, but I do recognize that now that Dr.S is dead her options are slim. ;/

Daryl Daryl Daryl… He (just like Merle) are MADE for warfare. Besides his awesome skills with the crossbow, he discreetly passed guns to everyone without getting noticed by anyone in the Governor’s crew. Quick thinking was used when he tossed a Bomb inside of the tank and he always aware of his surroundings. Did you guys see how he used the zombie as camouflage then as a shield?! Daryl that’s why we love you and that’s why you need to quit playing games and get with Michonne now that pesky Rick is out the way.

father sonI’m very happy that Carl and Rick found each other, but when they discovered that Lil Asskicker was not in her car seat, I literally shed a tear. I didn’t cry when Hershel got killed I just screamed at the TV really really loud, but when I saw how these 2 men reacted knowing that she is no longer with them *voice is starting to crack….sniffing* I felt so bad for them. That’s how you know that The Walking Dead is a true work of art, where people display real emotions for fictional characters #WhereTheyDoThatAt?

Anywho the show ends with Lilly putting the final bullet in the Governors head (a little late don’t you think) and everyone has separated into little groups. Great episode.

Don’t know what to do until Feb? Let me know if you are interested The Walking Dead comic reviews by yours truly

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