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Can We Talk About It? Episode 6 Season 4 – The Walking Dead Review


This is the part of my blog where I disclose the episode number and ask permission to talk about it blah blah blah… This episode bored me to death so bad that I had to bribe myself to write (but that’s a story for another day). Before I get into it, I want to share something with you guys.

IMG_20131120_174634In order for me to write awesome blog posts I watch the premier episode for entertainment, then I watch it again and take 4 or 5 pages of notes. I review the notes and take 3 days to reflect on episode, then finally I convert those notes and thoughts into a post.  This small-ass sheet of paper, written on a western union note pad, are the only notes I took during this episode. That’s how uneventful I felt this episode was, smh… Enough of my complaining let’s get into it. Since the whole episode was a flash back, I’m going to jump right in to the events.

Twd314-001630Martinez and Shumpert Left the Governor– Season 3 ended with the governor massacring his own resident army when they complained that the folks at the prison had guns of their own and many people did not make it. The governor was not trying to hear it so he murdered everyone except Martinez and Shumpert (and Karen). All three of them hopped in the car and drove away. Vicky (that’s me) was NOT impressed. First of all, the Governor hopped on the driver’s side, meaning both Martinez and Shumpert had their hands free to use their loaded guns. You mean to tell me you couldn’t kick him out the car or straight up kill him? But you thought leaving the Governor at night while he was sleeping was slick? Cowards. Moving along…

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 8.39.41 PM

The roof the roof the roof is on FIRE! – Soooooooo we have time to be symbolic during the zombie apocalypse? Dude, your “trusted” allies left you to fend for yourself and you have time to waste gas and other resources to burn down Woodberry? I’m not going to lie, this shot of Governor standing in front of that burning building is bad-ass but “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Screen-shot-2013-11-18-at-6-1.24.53-AMYour Name is Not Brian– For those who don’t know, the Governor’s name is Philip Blake. When Lilly asked what his name was, he remembered the name Brian Heriot from a sign he passed by while walking the empty roads. In this long drawn out scene, many things shocked me. A) Four years have passed and no one in the house has figured out how to kill a zombie? I really want to know how they were able to survive this long. B) I can’t believe Lilly sent the Governor to an over run nursing home to get some oxygen for her father, alone. Has she never heard of back up? Again I would like to know how they have made it this far. C) You think with all the nonsense the Governor has been through, he would forget about seeking revenge. Super foreshadowing moment happened when he was teaching Meghan how to play chess and she asked “Do you lose when someone takes your pawn?” He replies “You can lose a lot of your soldiers but still win the game.” SMH Michonne don’t get soft of me now!

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 8.42.38 PMThe Anti-Climactic Ending– Awww little meghan is zombie struck and too afraid to run. Ironic how they both fall into a pit that looks exactly like the ones he and his army use to dig up to capture zombies. The governor saves the day by killing the zombies with his fist and bones. The episode ends with Martinez looking down into the pit shocked to see the Governor. He lifts Meghan out the pit to be reunited with her mother and it LOOKS as if Martinez was going to leave him in there. Then the credits roll. Of course the preview for the next episode shows the Governor and Martinez talking to each other outside of the pit. REALLY? Martinez that was your opportunity to end his madness and it would have been justified. Heck Carol killed two of her own for the benefit of the group and Rick still sent her packing. This guy kills dozens of people in front of you for no good reason and you still save him? Where they do that at? Smh

AMC don’t you ever play a whole episode without showing my husband Daryl. A whole hour of Cyclops’s face…not cool

Hopefully I can report a better episode next week. Till next time talk to me on twitter – @QVProduction or @QueenVMedia


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