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Can We Talk About It? Episode 5 Season 4 – The Walking Dead Review

Aloha everybody! Today I’ll be talking about episode 5 season 4 of the Walking Dead if that’s ok with you. As you know the story is not told in a linear fashion so I am going to discuss the major events. Lets get started shall we…

The episode opens up with a dismal Rick driving home after leaving Carol at the abandon neighborhood. The scene immediately cuts to Hershel intubating Henry while Sasha and Glenn try their best to hold him down. The procedure was a success, unfortunately Henry is unable to breathe on his own, so Sasha and Glenn have to take turns squeezing air into his lungs.


Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 4.37.42 PM“Tough Son of a *****!” – Yup it seems like the MVP trophy for Team Alcatraz  definitely goes to Hershel. We have already seen Hershel step up as one of the leaders in the group, but in this episode he truly shines. How is it that he surrounds himself by sick people and still be fine? How is it (when it seems like everyone’s heart is becoming cold) he still respects the dead, the living and Lizzie’s feelings. By the way I need a nickname for Lizzie, I’m taking suggestions.

The one thing that frustrated me about Hershel, in this episode, is his bedside manner. He was so concerned about making sure everyone was comfortable that he refused to lock the cells of each patient. I mean has the Patrick incident taught us nothing? Locked cells equals no zombie outbreak. If a zombie wanders around Cell Block A he can’t bite anybody and if someone turns inside of their cell they are already contained. Common sense right? Dr. S told him to lock up and  focus his energy on the ones that can make it and less time on lost causes such as himself. And guess what? Dr. S turned and tried to attack Hershel.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 4.39.20 PMInterestingly, Hershel still believes there is a reason God has kept them all alive. After Rick and his crew came back to administer medicine, Hershel tried to read his bible but instead he wept. Does this mean that his faith is waning? You know Hershel is an alcoholic too. Do you think he and Bob will bond and break bread (i.e. whiskey)? Moving along swiftly and professionally… 

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 5.17.24 PMEwwwwww Lizzie! – Carol, come get this crazy girl! Oh wait… I forgot, you don’t live there anymore. I am so through with Lizzie and her antics. For example, while Hershel was trying to remove the dead bodies, she comes creeping in trying to get all up in the mix. Lizzie reminds me of Quinn (from Scandal), especially when she gets  excited when Huck talks about death and his B6-13 past SMH. Secondly, she decides to befriend a zombie by trying to lure it in her room. She accidentally trips causing the zombie to attack her and Hershel had to stop what he was doing to save her. Thirdly, while everyone was in the cell relieved that Glenn was getting his medicine, Lizzie comes in looking disappointed and swirls her foot around a puddle of blood and mucus. EWWWWWWWWW!!! C-Murder COME GET THIS GIRL!

walking_dead_ep8_7-governor-glass-in-eyeAm I the only one that thinks the Governor and Lizzie could be related or have some type of “special relationship”? They are both twisted in the head, share the same philosophy about zombies and aren’t afraid to get attached to zombies (i.e. governor’s daughter, his collection of human heads and zombie Nick). I’m not going as far to say Lizzie is a “double-agent” sent by the governor to destroy the prison, but I do think they are connected in some way.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 5.36.46 PM“You’ll Bring Honor to Us All”– The relationship between Carl and Rick kinda reminds me of Disney’s Mulan. Let me explain, after the Huns invaded China the emperor called a mandatory draft of one male per household and Mulan begged her father not to join the army. Mulan cuts her hair, joins the army, saves China, makes her father proud and lives happily ever after. The Huns in our case would be the zombies invading the prison, and Carl (i.e. Mulan) begged his father to treat him like a man so he can protect him and his baby sister. You feel me?

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 5.46.52 PMAfter Maggie ran inside the prison to save her father, she left Rick to fix the broken fence himself. Rick had no choice but to enlist the help of his son. After the zombies broke through the fence, Rick tossed Carl a semi-automatic and he went Call of Duty on their asses. Rick went from concerned parent, to astonished, to proud parent and took a step back just to watch his son’s glory.

Now that Carl is seen as a man now, I wonder if he’ll ever have the courage to profess his love for Taylor Swift (aka Beth).


Rick, why you running? – Why hasn’t Rick told Daryl that he kicked Carol out the group? Why hasn’t Rick told Tyreese that Carol killed his girlfriend and David? I was hoping that this episode would address that. I truly believe that once Rick tells Daryl, he will throw Carl under the bus. He’ll say something like “ If Carol is gon’, so should your boy! He killt that other boy because he did what he thought was right for da group, just like Carol!” He will storm off and Rick will say “Hey, wait!” Daryl will say “I’m outta here man, I’m finding Carol and bringing her back! Michonne you comin’? OOOOOOOOOOWWWWeeeeeee! AMC y’all need to hire me to write the script!

Bonus– C’mon Son! There is NO WAY the governor could have been living in the woods the entire time. Rick has been out there farming, Rick was in the woods when he ran into that woman who looked like the zombie, and Hershel and Carl were in the woods when they were picking berries for the herbal tea. You mean to tell me that all of these times NO ONE has seen the governor? Plus the Governor looked like he has had a nice shower and clean clothes. He probably has a nice set up some where. Only time will tell. What you think?

Lastly where was Michonne and Hershel going at the very end of the episode? Girl, didn’t you tell Daryl you were not going to be running off anymore? They literally dropped off the medicine and she was already walking towards the jeep? SMH

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P.S. – Would you guys be interested in The Walking Dead Comic’s review? If there is enough interest, I’ll start after season 4 is over 🙂







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