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Can We Talk About It? Episode 4 Season 4 – The Walking Dead Review

Aloha everybody! Today I’m going to discuss episode 4 of The Walking Dead if that’s ok with you. As you know the stories are not told in a linear fashion, so I’m going to highlight the main events. So let’s get started, shall we…

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The episode opens up with an intense and endearing conversation between Carol and Lizzie, whom is still quarantined. Carol has requested to see Lizzie because she was summoned to go on a run with Rick to fetch new supplies since Daryl and the others have not returned yet. “Nobody has died yet” said a cool, calm and collected Lizzie. Carol looks puzzled. “At least if they die, they get to come back” she says. Carol tells her that they do not come back as themselves and reminded her of what her father went through. Lizzie boldly states “I’m little now and soon I’ll get older. I’ll be different, but I’m still me.” Carol tries to interrupt but Lizzie cuts her off and says “I’m not weak, I’m just telling you what I think.” A befuddled Carol ensures that Lizzie has easy access to her knife at all times and Lizzie accidentally (or intentionally) replies “Ok Mom”. Carol says “Don’t call me Mom”, they say their goodbyes and she walks away.


392px-Lizzie403-1Lizzie Sets The Stage – As we have seen in this episode, Carol and Lizzie’s conversation foreshadowed the entire show. Every single character in this episode has changed (or revealed a new character flaw) to some degree. In this initial conversation Lizzie reveals that she is NOT afraid of dying (What kid is not afraid of dying?) but she is afraid to kill. She asks Carol how can you be strong in this regard? Carol nonchalantly says “You just do it… do it, until it changes you.” C-murder (aka Carol) is no longer the  battered woman we’ve known since the first season, she has completely transformed into a beast in order to survive. Anywho, Thanks Lizzie!

Introduction and Conclusion of Sam and Ana – During the abandon neighborhood raid, Rick and Carol find Sam and Ana creeping out of an upstairs bedroom. As a peace offering, Sam tosses Rick a piece of fruit. We find out that they were living in a safe house until all hell broke loose. The stampede caused Ana’s broken leg and Sam’s dislocated shoulder. But it’s ok  because they can sustain themselves on each other’s LOVE and moving from locations before they get over run by zombies. Sam asks where they’re set up and Carol’s face and body language immediately goes into defense mode. Rick proceeds to give out the Standardized Test for entry into the prestigious prison. As Rick and Carol pack up their belongings too scavenge through the rest of the neighborhood, Sam and Ana volunteer to help.

Now here is where it gets tricky! It seems like only 5 minutes have past from the time they left Sam and Ana at the house to when they discovered Ana’s leg while picking tomatoes. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have yet to witness ANY one zombie with super human strength that could cut off someones leg, then drag the rest of the body across the street so their  zombie friend can eat too. The leg had a clean cut, it was not jagged at the top. If you ask me, I think Sam and Ana were trying to find supplies and they spotted 2 zombies. Ana says “If you love me, you will cut off my leg and carry me”. Sam says “ok!” cuts her leg off but discovers that his arm is in so much pain he can only make it across the street, so he leaves her there and makes a run for it. Either way, it’s an abandon neighborhood, why didn’t we hear any screams or yelling of any kind? Rick told Sam to “fire a gun shot in the air if  you are in trouble and I will come find you.” That seems like the perfect time to ask for help, right? Mark my words,we have not seen the last of Sam because Rick told him where the prison was located. What do you guys think?

walking-dead-daryl-bob-confrontation-530x298Daryl is #TeamNoNewFriends – Daryl has always been the independent loner for quite some time and the only 2 people he has displayed compassion for is C-Murder and Lil Ass Kicker. So it is refreshing to see him truly concerned about Michonne’s well being, new found leadership within the Council and him comforting Bob when he opened up about his alcohol problem. BUT Daryl went back to his old ways after everybody risked their lives to save Bob only to find out that he had alcohol and nothing else in his bag ( This scene hurt my heart the most).  Daryl was about to throw the bottle off the roof until Bob motioned that he would shoot him if he did throw it. Whhhhhhhaaattt? Daryl’s face was like ” I comforted you when YOU admitted that your addiction resulted in the death of Beth’s boyfriend, I saved your life, and now you are about to shoot me over a bottle of Whisky!” WHAT?! Tyreese had to talk him out of whoopin’ Bob’s ass on the roof. Quite honestly, if Bob had not been such a good friend to Tyreese over these past few days, I’m certain that Tyreese and Michonne would have joined in on kickin’ Bob’s ass.

On their return trip, Daryl couldn’t care less about anyone at this point. Michonne told him that he was right and that she would not leave the prison anymore to find the Governor. Daryl just slammed his door and said “Good”. OOOOOooooooooWee! When Daryl finds out that Rick kicked Carol out of the prison, it’s going to be a misunderstanding all over Rick’s face.  I think Daryl is going to search for Carol and he is going to persuade Michonne to come with him. That will be the beginning of their romantic relationship :). Lol I don’t believe that, but wouldn’t that be amazing!

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.27.11 PMRick Votes Carol Off the Island– Awww man, I knew there was trouble from the start when C-Murder said that Maggie was not coming. Did you guys hear the sane but inhumane excuse she gave for justifying two murders? She said “I fixed what needed fixing” and Rick replied “That wasn’t your call to make.” The whole time, I believe, Rick already decided that he was going to kick her out the prison. He needed to give her a final test to see if she had any morals, values or compassion left, similar to how he dealt with Shane. For instance, when Ana asked if her child had gotten sick C-Murder said “Oh God No!”, C-Murder referred to Sophie as a “Slideshow in someone else’s life”, she insisted that physically impaired Sam and Ana help them find supplies, she showed ZERO emotion when they discovered Ana’s limb and the rest of her body across the street and finally when Rick wanted to wait a little longer for Sam, C-Murder insisted that they must leave now. (Sorry for the run-on sentence) At that point Rick had just about enough of Carol, so much so that he locked her out of the passengers side of the car. “If we return back to the prison and everyone is dead except my children… I would not want you around” said Rick. Now here comes the FAKE crocodile tears. Come on C-Murder! You had plenty of times to beg for mercy and to ask for forgiveness. For example, when Rick called you out and when Tyreese ignorantly asked you to watch over his sick sister. C-Murder you are cold-blooded and FOUL! What’s worse, she never apologized for what she did because she truly feels she did what was best at the time. “Rick…it’s me. I’m still Carol” she says. Once she realized that her fake tears were not working she then says “You think I’m going anywhere without Lizzie and Mika?” No ma’am No sir, Rick shut that notion down quick.

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.28.14 PMIt’s been 5 days since I have seen this episode and I am not entirely sure that Rick made the right decision. If I was in his position, without hesitation I would have done the same thing. But apart of me wanted her to look into Tyreese’s good eye and say “Yes, I killed Karen and David”. This is for Tyreese’s healing, who knows he could have forgiven her. Isn’t it ironic, when you murder someone you get sentence to prison and Rick automatically gave her the death penalty.


Based on Bob’s weak-body-self, I no longer think he is responsible for feeding mice to the zombies. If not him, who?

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