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Can We Talk About it? Episode 3 Season 4 The Walking Dead – Review

Aloha everybody, today I’m going to talk about episode 3 season 4 of The Walking Dead if that’s ok with you. As you know, the show is not told in a linear fashion, so I’m going to discuss the major events. So lets get started…

Rick, Carol and Daryl witness Tyreese mourning over the bodies of David and Karen at the scene of the crime.  “Whoever did this, you bring them to me!” exclaims a furious Tyreese to Rick. Daryl and Rick attempt to calm Tyreese down, which makes him angrier, so he punches Rick. A small fight ensues making Rick the victor, after Daryl had to pull Rick off of Tyreese.  Afterwards, swollen eye and all, Tyreese and Bob dig graves for his loved ones.


swallon eyeTyreese’s Emotional Roller Coaster– This episode was the first time we truly see Tyreese angry and upset. Throughout the show, I painted him as the “I-Don’t-Want-No-Trouble-Guy”, but trouble has definitely got the best of him in episode 3. For example, Tyreese discovers that his girlfriend and David are dead, and their killer is still at large. If that is not bad enough, he finds out that his sister is sick and he feels that no one in the prison has his best interest in mind; so he stands guard outside of Sasha’s cell to make sure no one harms her. Even when they go on the antibiotic run and it looks like all hope is lost, we witness him deciding whether his own life is worth fighting for. Craziness right? This scene reminded me of the movie Gravity and seeing Sandra Bullock’s character, Ryan, finding the strength to fight for her life after losing her daughter and getting lost in space. The funny thing about Ryan and Tyreese’s journey was, terrible events happened to them from the very beginning and up until the last 5 minutes of the show/movie. The lesson learned here is: Everyone is worthy, life sucks, but you got to keep swimming and cherish special moments. YUP!… Moving along.

thinking-1C-Murder and her reckless behavior– Carol (aka C-Murder) was off the chain in this episode! After Tyreese tugs at Rick’s moral strings, Rick decides to play Blue’s Clues to find out who killed David and Karen. Rick’s first clue was Carol defying his wishes when she decides to risk her life to fix the water hoes after he told her “That was tomorrows problem”. The second clue (I believe) was the gas. In this season it seems that the original 8 were the only ones to have access to the gas (i.e. to fuel the vehicles and to cook), so that narrows it down to 7 people. And of course the final clue was the dainty hand print left at the scene of the crime. Viewers could draw conclusions that C- Murder did this to protect her newly adopted children from catching this flu like disease. This plan ultimately failed because Lizzie got sick anyway. But honestly I think there is more to the story, because I highly doubt that if Michonne, Carl, Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Hershel or Rick were the first ones to get sick, Carol would have thought twice about killing them. It seems as though SOME of the original 8 think that the people of Woodberry are disposable, tell me what you guys think.walkingdeadcarol-3354867823282562047
Whats interesting is, Rick told Tyreese that “the person who is responsible for killing David and Karen will pay”.  And Daryl said that “the person responsible will eat a bullet”. Now that Rick knows that Carol did kill Karen and David, I wonder what will happen next? C-Murder is so big and bad now, that she didn’t even ask Rick to keep it a secret. Smh no one respects Rick anymore.
Hershel Stands for Human-Kind– I would first like to apologize for nicknaming Hershel as Killa Hershel, in my previous post,when I assumed that he killed Karen and David. Hershel, as we see this in episode, truly cares about everyone. So much so that he would risk his life to serve herbal tea to the sick patients.HershelAAJ.2Coming full circle, while Hershel and Carl were in the woods, Hershel says something like “It’s almost safer to be outside those walls then inside” and Carl got all into his feelings said “NO ITS NOT”. Oh its not? This is the same prison that has the swine flu, no disinfectant spray, and a killer on the loose? NO ma’am no sir. This moment reminded me of when they were living on Hershel’s farm and Hershel truly thought that his farm was “special and safe”. Wait a minute, you mean the same farm that had a cabin full of relative walkers inside, and noisy people living several yards away outside therefore drawing more walkers on the land… yeah that makes sense. Any who Hershel goes inside were the sick patients were to serve tea, and has a chat with Doctor S, who is barely hanging on. In the midst of their conversation, Doctor S coughs blood on Hershel’s face . My man Hershel took off his mask and wiped his face downwards instead of upwards. If that was me, I would have politely excused myself and handled my business. Symbolic much? Only time will tell. The good thing is, if Hershel dies, he is not the only doctor in the house.

Bonus– You guys see Daryl showing Michonne extra attention and concern these days? Asking why she is always running off and looking at her seductively and what not. Y’all see how Daryl was looking at her 90% of time while he was driving instead of looking at the road. The only stupid person who got into a car accident\\ was Lori, and that is because she was looking at map, not messing with the radio and flirting. A relationship between Michonne and Daryl would definitely shake the up the show, because its looking like Glenn might not make it.

Marilyn Manson on The Talking Dead, One word: Train Wreck. #ThatisAll

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3 comments on “Can We Talk About it? Episode 3 Season 4 The Walking Dead – Review

  1. Someone
    November 2, 2013

    But is cable tv brave enough to let michonne and daryl hook up? I don’t know.

    • queenvchronicles
      November 2, 2013

      Mmmmmmmm that is so true. Even if she pursues Rick, history will be made! (opposite of Scandal)

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