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Can we talk about it? Episode 2 Season 4- The Walking Dead Review

We have alot to discuss in this episode of The Walking Dead. Since the story was not told in a linear fashion, I’m going to jump right in and discuss the major events of the show.  So let’s get started shall we…

The episode opens up with Tyreese singing a love song to Karen in the library. Suddenly she decides its time for her to go to bed. Leaving Tyreese, she walks to the bathroom alone to wash her face and hears a suspicious sound. She briefly checks her surroundings, and finds nothing, so she returns to her cell. Zombie Patrick, from the previous episode, walks into a coughing persons cell biting him in his throat. Not to long afterwards, the victim becomes a zombie and they both leave the cell to kick start the killing spree.



the-walking-dead-tyreese-girlfriendKaren and Tyreese’s Relationship – I find it funny that even in the zombie apocalypse Karen was the only woman holding on to the 30 day rule  when it comes to dating. (Remember: Andrea, Maggie and Lori have all been hot in the pants). With that said, what kind of gentlemen does not walk a lady back to her cell in the middle of the night to make sure she is safe and locked up tight, literally! Did you guys see how Hershel was cock-blocking when Tyreese tried to take Karen back to his cell so she could get some rest and Hershel said HELL NAW! Mmmmhmm. Moving along swiftly and professionally…

2013-11-01_17-43-24-1Softer Side of Michonne – Did you see how they almost tried to kill my girl Michonne off the show? This episode clearly demonstrates how comfortable everybody is getting in the prison. First we see Tyreese singing Berry White in the library, people are sleeping in unlocked cells and now Michonne twists her ankle jumping off a horse to kill 2 zombies. Two zombies!? This is the same Michonne we witnessed slicing and dicing her way through 50 zombies in the previous season, right? Unfortunately Michonne was embarrassed by her lack luster performance and questioned why Maggie and Carl didn’t leave her there to die, while Beth, aka Taylor Swift, was patching her up. All of a sudden the baby throws up and Beth asked Michonne to hold Ass Kicker while she changed her shirt. Initially, Michonne was holding that baby as if it were a sack of smelly onions. But when she looked into the baby’s eyes, she embraced her and wept. OMG I wanted to cry with her. The last time we saw Michonne cry was when Andrea was dying from being bitten. It’s a shame that we are already in the 4th season and we know absolutely nothing about this woman. Was she pregnant before the zombie apocalypse? Who were the zombies she had in chains that protected her? How did she last this long before running into Andrea? What are her true feelings towards Rick? Tell me something AMC! But mark my words, I believe there is something truly significant about that baby. Lori already had the zombie  virus in her and gave birth to a healthy baby. I believe that baby  is immune to the disease and she carries the antidote. What do you guys think?

walking dead lizzie mikaCarol, Lizzie and Mika– Poor Carol, homegirl cannot seem to catch a break. It seems like all the men she gets close to romantically dies (i.e. Her husband, prisoner with the mustache, and Lizzie and Mika’s father). So during the Zombie raid, the father gets bitten and his dying wish was that Carol take care of his kids. She lovingly accepted as she gently held his face. He passes away as his daughters said their final good byes. Older daughter, Lizzie, thought it would be appropriate  if she were the one to prevent her father from turning. Carol hands Lizzie the knife but is too afraid to follow through. Did you guys see how the younger sister, Mika, grabs Lizzie and says something like “Listen to me! It’s ok, just think of the flowers, just think of the flowers”. The way Mika took charged and became the leader her older sister needed her to be was an important moment. This moment gave me complete confirmation that Lizzie has some type of psychological disorder (its possible she had it before the zombie outbreak).

Later, Carol finds the girls outside and notices Lizzie sobbing because Nick (the zombie) is dead. Carol says “ You are not sad because Nick is dead, you are sad because your father died”. WRONG!  That little girl might actually be shedding tears for Nick and not her father. Adults should always listen to the things that come out of children’s mouths, and not put words in it. When you do that, their feelings get dismissed and they shut down and that is exactly what happened. Lizzie, stopped crying and gave Carol an awkward smile as she placed a flower behind her ear. Then she slowly took Carol’s knife as they were watching the sunset. This psychotic moment right here has led many people to believe that this girl could be the one feeding mice to the Zombies. This cannot be true because A) if the child is anything like me, she is afraid of mice and B) if you watch this episode again, you can see that the person who is feeding the zombies is dangling the mice over their heads, so that person has to be an adult. I personally think its Bob’s clumsy self, he looks like a double agent. What you guys think?

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 10.01.51 PMKilla Hershel and The Return of Rick – In this episode we saw a hugh transformation in both characters. Hershel is no longer a simple farmer trying to protect his daughters. And by the end of the show, Rick is no longer the docile farmer trying to protect his children. Lets start with Hershel, aka Governor 2.0. He has his hands in every aspect of the prison life, as he should since he is the wise man of the group. He is on the scene with the other medical professionals of the group, trying to diagnose Patrick’s cause of death. Its seems as though he has the final say in the council, and it was probably his decision to kill and burn Karen and David. And if you ask me, its seems that a few people don’t care for Hershel’s leadership role. For example, Carl tries to persuade his father to become the leader again as they were talking by the pigs and Daryl tries to persuade him to come back while he was digging graves.

tumblr_mq6qxefbo11r7wse8o1_500As for Rick, in the beginning, we see him farming, enjoying his time to himself and has continued to revoke his son’s gun privileges. When Rick killed the zombie through the prison cell with his knife, that is the first time we see Rick kill this season. Afterwards he has to protect the prison fence from being crushed, so he kills more, then he ultimately comes up with the idea of sacrificing his beloved pigs (i.e. Violet and em’) to release the pressure off the fence. Anytime someone does not wipe blood off their face, their automatically crazy. “There all going to laugh at you!” (Carrie reference- in Theaters now). Finally they end the episode with Rick symbolically burning his pig pen and his police shirt. He also returns Carl’s gun and places his revolver into his holster. Trust me, the next episode will be off the chain!

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2 comments on “Can we talk about it? Episode 2 Season 4- The Walking Dead Review

  1. Athena Corbin
    October 25, 2013

    Once again you brought up the same points I was thinking about. The one thing I hope is that Darryl is not a victim of this outbreak that is now in the prison. Also have you noticed how Glenn is extremely good looking ever since he took that damn hat off?! And I too question Bob’s position in the show, you realize how he was missing when the craziness went down? I kept wondering; for someone who was all about carrying his wait the episode before, why was he not quick to try to redeem himself for his sloppy actions last time? Sounds fishy if you ask me.

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