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Can We Talk About it? Season 4 Episode 1 Review- The Walking Dead

Now that I have watched the premiere episode of The Walking Dead twice and had a week to process it, I would like to talk about it if that’s ok with you.  Since the stories were told in a non-liner fashion, I’m going to jump right in and discuss the 4 main points the episode.

The show opens up with the people of Merberry and the original 8 cohabitating nicely in the  prison. It seems as though they have established a council, rules and everybody has their own roles within the community.


Season_four_patrick1) Patrick gets sick and dies – Right off the bat, we notice that the zombies no longer spread out and they’re more aggressive, so one can conclude the virus is progressing. But what happened to Patrick? In the beginning of the episode he seemed fine and excited for storytime, but after that nasty ass finger licking hand shake Daryl gave him, things started to go down hill. Exchange of fluids can’t be the cause because Karen kissed Tyreese while she had zombie guts on her apron, so we would  have seen the same deteration in the both of them as well. My next theory is contaimnated meat. We saw a female pig mysteriously die in the episode, maybe all the animals have the virus as well. Patrick took over the cooking while Carol and Daryl went off and had a private conversation. But that can’t be it either because everyone who ate that day would have suffered the same fate. We just won’t know until the next episode. But you can tell its getting serious, because is it me, or did Patrick mighty morph into a zombie too quick. When Andrea’s sister died it took her 2 days to turn before she had to kill her. Tell me what you think.

The-Walking-Dead-lawrence-gilliard-jr-300x3002) The Big Spot! run– I know there is a time and place to break the rules, but there is a reason why the council states that new members must live in prison for 2 weeks before they go out on runs. I’m assuming this is a rule because they want people to act in the best interest of the group, instead of  themselves. This common sense must have skipped Bob’s ass because all the events that happened after they got out of the car was all his fault. For example, A) Point-Blank-Period He was not supposed to go, but somehow persuaded Sasha to let him go B) Before entering the store Sasha said to stay in formation once they safely got inside, but Bob stayed back to stare at a zombie leg, then ran inside. SMH sloppy! C) Sasha said grab what you need, no one told you to touch the alcohol and disrupt the fragile shelf. D) Everybody knows you are stuck Bob, they were too busy killing the zombie hail storm to help you. Then you start screaming drawing more zombies to you, causing the death of Beth’s boyfriend. Common Scense would have told you to shut up and pick up one of the broken wine bottles and use it as a weapon, instead of trying to peel back the zombie skull. DUUUUH! Tell me what guys think.

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 1.21.00 AM3) Claire lures and attacks Rick– Rick ventures out into the woods and runs into what looks like a hybrid (i.e human/zombie) named Claire. Home girl asked if Rick could help her bring a carcass to her husband because they have not eaten in days, then asked if he had a camp. Rick states that he would  have  to meet her husband, frisks her for weapons, then hands her a sandwich. First red flag for Rick should have been, why didn’t she scarf down that sandwich if she claimed she had not eaten in days. I’m also surprised that he didn’t ask why  the husband was not the one searching for food. Later we find out that she lured Rick to her camp so her zombie husband’s head can feast on Rick. (What?!) Then she ends up killing herself. I kept thinking to myself… what a waste of time, I tried to help you, you try to kill me, I draw my gun on you, then I watch you kill yourself??? (WHAT?!) Home girl had a hint of Hershel in her, based on the fact that she saved her husband’s head and kept it alive. She also had a bit of Andrea & Beth (aka Taylor Swift) in her by not wanting to live in this new world, except she followed through. Hey everyone grieves differently, but if she wanted to fight for her life, Rick would have taken care of her. What do you guys think?

walking-dead_34) Carol teaching kids how to defend themselves– Seeing as though she had to sneak around, I’m going to assume the council  probably voted against it. Hello! It’s the zombie apocalypse! Shakespeare is not going to protect the kids from walkers if they some how venture away from the group. The parents (or council) who voted against that need to get over it, and realize their new reality. If Rick’s son knew how to use a weapon, he wouldn’t have felt the need to play curious george, rebel against his parents, explore in the woods and almost got eaten by a zombie. That zombie Carl didn’t kill was the same zombie that ended up killing Dale. And if Carol’s daughter knew how to use a knife she could have had a fighting chance of surviving. For real for real, they should have asked Michonne to teach the kids how to properly handle knifes to protect themselves, then have Hershel teach a mandatory first aid class for everyone so they know how to patch people up.  Truth be told, if Rick was there during the zombie hail storm at Big Spot! he would have cut Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend’s leg off and kept it moving, instead of leaving him there to die.  Back to the subject at hand, once there is an understanding on how to survive, then Carol can teach the arts to the kids. Am I crazy? Tell me what you think?

If you haven’t seen the episode, click here for the video.

Lets make this post into discussion, comment below on anything on Walking dead. If you like this review, I’ll keep them coming!

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5 comments on “Can We Talk About it? Season 4 Episode 1 Review- The Walking Dead

  1. Athena Corbin
    October 19, 2013

    Thank you!! I was asking the same questions myself. I thought I was the only one to peep that. another red flag is the fact that those kids where treating the zombies like they’re not a threat. I was wondering, is it because they are secretly learning how to use weapons and they think they can take the zombies on? Or is it because they think they are completely safe inside their prison castle? I also questioned how long the kid that died was with the group, because if he hasn’t been there long he might be why the pig died, and Daryl might be next.

    • queenvchronicles
      October 19, 2013

      Noooooo Daryl cannot be next!!!!!! I peeped those bratty ass kids, I think since this is their reality they don’t know a world without Zombies so they are less afraid.

      • Athena Corbin
        October 19, 2013

        True, because when Carl was their age he was always getting lost and messing with zombies. Maybe the writers are trying to say something about children and their lack of understanding when it comes to their mortality or consequences. I also hope Darryl doesn’t die either, he and Michonne are the only people keeping me interested in the show. I too am not feeling Bob either, sooo many stupid mistakes.

      • queenvchronicles
        October 19, 2013

        Girl yes. Daryl and Michonne make the show. Remind me to call u tomorrow to finish this conversation.

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