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Interview- Athena Corbin from Corbin Photos #LoveIt

292808_216877418366132_883405242_nSince middle school and beyond, Athena Corbin and I are yin and yang. With her passion of being behind the lens, and my passion of being in front it, together we are able to capture striking images together (see photo to the left).

My best friend of 19 years has now reached the point of her photography career where she wants to share her phenomenal talents with the world. She will be traveling around America for 2 months capturing images for her  project entitled Rhythm and Motion in America.” Her travels will cultivate a 12 photo series that she will present at the Oakland Art MurmurThis will be her first professional show as a photographer. In order to achieve this dream she needs your help. I have asked her a series of questions so you can fall in love with her as well as support her future endeavors. Without further adieu… Athena Corbin

1. What inspired you to become a photographer? What was your first camera and what were you photographing at the time?

“Rebellion originally motivated me to the field of photography. During our family outings my older brother was responsible for taking photos. Every time I asked to take a picture, I was told ‘No! You’ll mess up the pictures’ or ‘You’re not old enough.’”

The biggest influence however was my Aunt. She had taken photography in high school and one day I came across her photos and thought it was brilliant.  Some of her photos were drastically contrasted, but the photos she took of my mother were truly alluring. I decided at that moment that I would become a photographer

I took my first photography class in 11th grade. On top of completing assignments for the class, I would also shoot my own work on the side. My first camera was a Pentax 35mm film camera that I rented from school. I mostly shot portraits of my friends, still life, and landscape.  If it didn’t look interesting, strange or beautiful to me I did not waist my film on it.”

2. What photographers inspire you?

“My all time favorite photographers are: Duane Michals, Irving Penn, Ansel Adams and Steven M Cummings.  My inspiration for shooting usually comes through conversations with friends, family, etc.”

3. When I think of Rhythm and Motion, I think of dance and music. How will this title show up in your photographs for this project?

“Rhythm is defined as “movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence.” This could be represented in a photo of a traffic jam or the way a city has structured their buildings. I plan to capture the rhythm and motion of the locations that I am in. Ultimately you will have wait and see when the final product.”


4. What do you offer to the photography industry that is not already out there? 

“I offer the world my esthetics, my view, my skills, and my ideas. Not only am I a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I have been a practicing photographer before the digital age.  Which means I’m not shooting a hundred shots hoping to get 1 good photo, in fact its the complete opposite. People should support  my project because they will be a part of  something truly wonderful, and it would also help my dream become a reality.”

5. What will you capture about America that we don’t already know or see?

“Some of the states I will be traveling to are on the perimeter of America, some have major cities, and some on the brink of becoming mega cities.  I’m curious to see what I will capture about these places.  I chose America for this first series because I have always wanted to see what my country looks like outside of how it’s portrayed in the media through stereotypes.”


6. How will you use the funds you receive from Kickstarter?

“Funding will go towards production and portion of the funds will be for transportation and lodging.”

7. Final words?

“Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and my work.  This interview was actually a learning experience for me. I talk about my ideas for my projects often but never really had a discussion as to why I think I’m good at what I do. This was different, I’m not one to brag about my self so it was very tough to answer that question. Haha”

athenaThanks everyone for checking out my blog post.  Be sure to check out Athena’s website, fan page, and post importantly click on her Kickstarter to help make this project into a reality.

-Queen V


One comment on “Interview- Athena Corbin from Corbin Photos #LoveIt

  1. widi
    May 9, 2013

    Wonderful pictures Athena! Congratulations. This truly is inspirational. Determination, passion, and perfectionism are essential to success. I wish you all the best! I can’t wait to see your completed project!

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