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Day 14- Stingy Like Subway’s Napkins #30DayChallenge

In case you did not know, Subway is one of the few approved fast food restaurants in the “30 Day No Fast Food Challenge” hosted by ChipCook4Me.

Behold the Subway restaurant that I frequent, located in the middle of my campus university in downtown Honolulu. This place gets on my nerves! One of the many problems I have with this place is that they over toast my bread to the point where it feels like I am chewing on machetes, when I ask for a little bit of mayonnaise they give me a mountain, when I ask for everything but no olives, they give it to me anyway and I end up looking like a jerk watching the frustrated sandwich girl pick out olives in my mountain of mayonnaise. The only reason why I keep coming back is because its right next to my classes and they always play hip hop music in the restaurant. Which might not sound like a big deal for some, but in Hawaii (or what I like to call “Bruno Mars” Land), I feel a sense of home every time I hear “TWO CHAINS” while I am yelling my order.

Since I have started the “no fast food challenge”, I have been coming here more often because I do not have the patience to bring a packed lunch everyday. I cannot go to the plethora of other fast food restaurants on our campus, Subway was my only option… so I thought.

Yesterday I did not feel like ordering a messed up sandwich from Subway, so I decided
to walk an extra 2 blocks to Safeway.  Why? Because they have everything: Juice, chips, salad bar, fresh deli meat, cookies, fresh fruit and vegetables and more. And did I mention the savings! The grocery store’s deli had a new sandwich on sale: the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich. BABBBBY I kid you not when I tell you that was the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Picture this: 2 slices of  multi-grain bread, with several slices of turkey meat, crisp lettuce leaves (not that shredded stuff like Subway), gourmet cream cheese, and a thick slice of cranberry sauce (you know like the stuff you eat on Thanksgiving). Since it was on sale, it also came with a free drink and chips. This meal gave me life! It was delicious, soft, filling, made for me on the spot and there was no lunch crowd. The whole experience was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong I love Subway, but I do not plan on going to that location anymore. The people at Safeway will soon know me by name 🙂


2 comments on “Day 14- Stingy Like Subway’s Napkins #30DayChallenge

  1. Jessica Martinez
    September 19, 2012

    My Mom works at Safeway! 🙂 Totally agree about preparing your own meals. Eric and I do this 6 days out of the week LoL nothing wrong with a cheat day 😉 Look into Oxygen Magazine (oxygenmag.com). They provide nurtition news, healthy recipes, and fitness training. This month’s sandwich: Tuna Avocado…yum!

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