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Day 4- A Moment of Weakness #The30DayChallenge

Why is it when you sacrifice something you see it everywhere? Day 4 into in the “No Fast Food Challenge“, I feel like I have a heighten awareness of fast food advertisements, and it is driving my crazy.  These ads show up in between my TV programs, they are in my Pandora stations, slapped across buses, their coupons fall out of my newspaper and what not. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I feel like if someone gave me a fast food new jingle or new food item quiz I could pass with flying colors. Lord give me strength!

Once this challenge is over I hope to keep fast food out of my diet for good. BUT! if I don’t kick I habit for good, I am soo looking forward to the new:

  • Cinnabon Mini Rolls- Burger King
  • S’mores Pie- McDonalds
  • Chili Cheese Fries- Wendy’s

…But I digress

In the mean time, my strategy for surviving this challenge is making sure my refrigerator is stocked with food, which means frequent trips to the grocery store. So far the hardest part of this challenge happened Labor day weekend. I was partying in all night into the wee hours in the morning and all I wanted to eat afterwards was a big juicy-cardiac arrest inducing cheese burger and not my left over spaghetti. Practicing some self control I ended up eating my left over spaghetti at 2:00 in the morning. And you know what? It was awesome, 2 day pasta taste amazing! My wallet was happy because I didn’t spend money on junk, and of course I stayed true to the challenge at hand. YAY ME!

My Game Plan:

  1. Go grocery shopping once a week and budget accordingly (i.e. Clipping coupons, search sale paper, support local farmer’s market)
  2. Pack Lunch
  3. Always carry a water bottle

What’s your strategic for surviving this 30 Day Challenge?

Happy Eating!


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