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Day 23- Global Forum 2o12

The Global Forum is the place where it all comes together: the beliefs, ideas and experiences that define us as a person, the things my classmates and I have learned inside and outside the classroom.

For the global forum, we had the opportunity to answer any question that pertained to global sustain ability. But there were conditions we had to follow. All teams had to have 1 male, 1 female, 1 SKKU student, 1 Korean citizen and 1 non Korean citizen, our presentation had to be 4 minutes long, and we had to have a “vox pop” video. At first, I was not going to participate, but when I found out that the winners of this forum would win an overnight trip to an ancient confucianism  temple, that automatically sparked the competitiveness in me. I am the middle child between my sister and brother, so competition is in my nature and its all I know. At the very last minute Jeremy, one of my team members, asked me to join his group to fulfill the “non-korean” slot, and I immediately took the leadership position, because I wanted this so bad. My group has skipped almost three lunches because of meetings we had scheduled, I constantly kept my group informed through emails, we rehearsed our presentation over and over again until I felt we had it perfected. For our presentation, we attempted to answer the following question: “What are the top 3 values the world should share

Fast forward to yesterday, the day of the actual event, I was so nervous for my group and tried to size up the competition, while we were all giving each other dry ass “good lucks”. We were the third group to present and I was so excited because the first two presentations were not as exciting as ours. I was so proud of my group. Being non-native english speakers, they presented themselves with grace and clarity. I was responsible for presenting the last value and the conclusion, so being my charismatic self, I was excited, using lots of gestures, my voice was bold and I left the audience with hope and the crowd erupted in applause. Even in the Q & A portion of the evening, my group handled those tough questions like a pro.

Fast forward to the end of the event when the winners were announced. I held my breath as the host announced the third place winners, and  it wasn’t us. “Oh thank God!” I said. The host announced second place winners: “Team Summer Seoul”! And my jaw dropped, I was pissed. My group members are jumping up and down hugging each other, and all I saw was red. I was like a spoiled child at christmas who didn’t get the barbie with the retractable  hair and 16 outfits. Ladies and Gentleman, my pride is what hurt me the most. I have a very expressive face, I grab my roommate pretending to cry screaming “OHHH LAWWD MY PRIDE!!!”, even though I was joking I was so serious. Granted the group that won first place, deserved it and by coming in second place my group and I still get to go to the temple, but I was not trying to hear that mess at the time.

Afterwards, my group decided to go celebrate at this Korean chicken place. I love chicken, but even the chicken didn’t lift my spirits. Until Jeremy ordered a bottle of soju, and we got to talking. Jeremy tells me at the table “You know Vicky, I cant believed you joined our group so late and you showed so much passion, you always came with notes and kept us together, you truly inspire me.” My group members all smiled and agreed. Not trying to be the tipsy girl at the table crying tears of joy. I smiled a weak smile at them and said I couldn’t have done it without them. Reality check for me at that moment: this is what our program is all about. Bringing students from all around the global to work together to attempt to solve the issues of our world, to be inspired, so that when we all go back to our respective countries we can work towards making a REAL difference. I get it now. I will never forget this experience.


5 comments on “Day 23- Global Forum 2o12

  1. Corbin Photos
    July 19, 2012

    Yay!!! Take lots of photos at the temple 😀
    Looking forward to the next post!, and I can’t believe you have less then 2 weeks left.

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