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Day 22- The Flush of My Dreams

Lately I have been day dreaming about toilets. Ok, lets talk about it. Not just any type of toilet, I am talking about smart toilets. Background Information: Here is the first “smart toilet” that I ever used, and it happened right here in Korea. I cannot read Korean so it took me a minute to figure out how to flush the toilet. BUT in my “Evolution of the Smart Phone” class I learn that Japanese people are going to the bathroom like Kings and Queens, let me explain.Can you imagine sitting on a toilet that is also a scale, can calculate your BMI, blood sugar, monitor your blood pressure and conduct a urine temperature measurement/analysis?  The toilet I just describe to you is called Toto Intelligent Toilet II. Of course it comes with the other fancy toilet features such as heated seats and bidet.Can you believe this toilet is in its second edition and this is the first time I have ever heard of it!?The amazing thing about this toilet is all of the information is sent wirelessly to your PC and presented in comprehensible charts and graphs. This technology is so sophisticated that it can help women keep track of their menstruation cycles because it can detect subtle hormonal changes in urine. AMAZING! This toilet is so expensive, I can’t even find the price for it. BUT trust and believe when I own my own home I will invest in this toilet.

Moment of the Day: Today I had to give a presentation about “Smart homes” for the same class. So I decided to be fancy today, so I wore a long tribal looking dress. As I left my dorms to walk to school, there was a long line of elementary school students walking towards my university. As soon as I turn the corner all I hear is a whole bunch of high-pitched “woooooooooooowwws”. As I try to walk through the crowd of students a group of cute little korean girls walk up to me giggling ” Hi….teehehehehe Hi. teheheheheh Hi”. This went on for about 2 minutes. I finally walk across the street, and this Little fat Korean kid yells “SEXY LADY…..HEY SEXY LADDDDDY… LADY LADY” while he violently waves. I turn my head, give him a small wave and shake my head.

Fast forward to class. We are in the second day of presentations, and each group that went up, it became harder and harder to sit through because each topic blended into one another (i.e. smart homes, smart toilets, smart health, smart hospitals, smart tables etc). Another factor that made the presentations hard to sit through was the fact that many students are not fluent in English. So day two of this, my professor was fed up. During class she started off kinda polite. She interrupted one girl right in the middle of her explanation and said “Next Slide!” That poor girl, she was so confused, and continued giving her presentation. The teacher interrupted her again “NEXT SLIDE”, still confused, one of her group members just escorted her off the stage. After that, the teacher was “nexting” people left and right. If a speaker spoke too slow, was reading off a sheet of paper, reading off the slides, or spent more than 2 minutes on one slides “NEXT!”. The climax of the class was when she “nexted” someones whole presentation. I could not believe my eyes. He literally spent however long he took to prepare his slides, came up to the podium, just to click a button 10 times and sat right back down. I could not believe it! This could ONLY happen in Korea, because I be damned if I worked that hard to prepare a presentation and rudely told to sit down in front of 150 students.

Now its time for my group to go, and one of my group members got “nexted” and its time for me to go. I didn’t prepare any notes, but I look right in the teachers eyes and smile at the rest of my class members and say “Aloha” and wink, and get right  into my slides about how feasible smart homes are.  During my presentation I am loud, clear, using lots of gestures like a true American and when I finished I looked back into the teachers eyes and walked off the stage and my classmates applauded  me (even though my group was not finished). After my group finished, I left the class, I could no longer sit there and watch my classmates be humiliated. I only have 3 more days left in my summer class, and I leave Korea in 9 days. Even through all the good and bad things that has happened to me here, I still love this country.

(my ‘Smart Home’ Group)


7 comments on “Day 22- The Flush of My Dreams

  1. Trina
    July 17, 2012

    Hi Cousin Vicky. This is Trina. It’s been about a week since I last read your blog. GIrl, I was cracking up about the crazy club scene. I would have did some karate and I would have lifted up my leg and gave him a good knee you know where. LOL. The pictures and scenery are so beautiful. Glad all is well. Take care. Love ya!

  2. Corbin Photos
    July 18, 2012

    I will totally invest in that toilet when I build my home.lol And snaps and claps on your presentation!!! I knew you wouldn’t get the “Next” ax because you are a great and entertaining public speaker!!

  3. duparcg
    July 18, 2012

    lol. its funny how people react when they see a black person over there. the club scene is still killing me.lol

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  5. Ka'iulani
    August 11, 2012

    Oh my god, I do NOT need a toilet telling me how fat my ass is every time I sit to pee! I give this an “innovative, but..NO” stamp of disapproval.

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