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Day-18 Baby What Is Your Blood Type…

This past week, I was doing the same thing I stated in the beginning of my previous post. You know: study, meetings, study, sleep. This past friday, while I was waiting for my “Evolution of the Smart Phone” class to start , I turned to my classmate/teacher’s assistant, Sunny, and I asked her if she had a Facebook. She said “of course”, took my mac book and pulled up her Facebook page. Once I retrieved my laptop, I said the following out loud.

“Oh cool, thats how you spell your full name…mmmmhm uhhhhuh……..GIIRRRL you did not put your blood type on Facebook for the world to see!”

Sunny laughed and said ” Oh no, that is a very important question to ask in Korea. I am so surprised to hear that many Americans don’t know their blood type.” At this point in the conversation, my jaw has dropped and a million thoughts spiraled through my mind. For instance, people are crazy these days, I can imagine some sick person on Facebook stalking people to find users with rare blood types. Who knows,these bath-salt zombies may be walking among us, wired through social media and I wouldn’t want to put anything on my status that would make them want to eat me more. But I digress. I looked at Sunny and said “whhhhhhaaaatt?” She then said:

When you meet someone for the first time, you must ask them what their name is, their age, where they go to school/work, and what their blood type is. Each blood type has their own specific personality traits like Zodiac signs. So, if you are on a blind date or something, you can ask a guy ‘oh what do you think my blood type is’?”

At this point in the conversation my head was hurting because I know that this polite Korean banter would never work in the US. As an American (who doesn’t know the cultural implications of blood type personalities) What would you say to someone if they asked you for your blood type? Some of my responses would be: “WHY?” “Where is Aston Kutcher?” ” Do you need a transfusion?” “Drug test?” “You are asking me to be on Maury Show?” “Is something wrong with yours?” or simply run. Tell me your answers in the comment box.

Sunny told me that if I guy assumes you are Blood type AB that means you are psycho, but if he guesses that you are Blood type B that means are your kind and very shy.”
So I did some research on this matter. According to Korea 4 Expats, the screen shots below explain each blood type. I personally don’t know what my blood type is. If you know your blood type, does your personality  match up with the blood type descriptions?
According to my previous blog : Day 11- After Monsoon Sale- I Will Never Go to a Korean Club Ever Again.  I stated that I was never going to go to a Korean club ever again. (lol) After I posted that blog on one my Korean Facebook groups, most of them stated that I had no business being at THAT particular club and there are plently of establishments that me and my girls could enjoy without being harassed, where the crowd is respectful, ample room and importantly great music (i.e. NO TRANCE).
With some “convincing” I was dragged out the dorm this past friday. This time, instead of dressing to impress, i walked out the house in street clothes. I had on a white tank top, dark jeans, checkered converses, no make up, no earings. I wanted nothing to hold me back just in class I had to “check” someone at the club, the only scent I had on was deodorant. I am not going to get into to much details, but we all had a GREAT TIME. We club hopped back in forth to 3 clubs (BoomBar, Bar 1, and Naked… check out my wrist bands), I got the chance to see Ludacris (OMG he is so handsome in person), they all played hip hop music, got a chance to party with another classmate in my summer program, and I met some people who also belong to the same Korean Facebook group. All in all it was an awesome night. We were partying in American Town, that street, the people, the food, the shops and the vibe was almost exactly like Washington, DC. No complaints from me.

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