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Day 11- After Monsoon Sale- I will Never Go to a Korean Club Ever Again

On Saturday, my friends and I decided to go shopping in Myeongdong. This place, to me, was like  the South Korean equivalent to New York City. There were sooo many people, I swear it felt like everybody and they mama came out that day to shop. As we were walking around trying to figure out which stores to go to first, I noticed that EVERY store had big blow out sales. I looked at my girls and said ” Is this the After Monsoon Sale”? This past week, it has been raining all day everyday for the past 5 days, and on the 6th day of the week it was super hot outside.

Any who, lets talk about what I bought. Let me first preface my purchases by saying that I would have bought ALOT more but I hate waiting in line. Do you know what happens to me when I wait in line for more than 5 minutes? I get hot, my knees begin to lock and Rebecca Blacks “Friday” song plays in my head ON REPEAT. I cant do it. If there was a line to the cashier or a long line for the dressing room, I put the items back and  walked to the next store. So here is a list of items that made the cut.
Items/Price/Store Name
Belt- $3, Mango
Essences Facial Mask- $5, Tony Mony
Bandeau- $4, Forever 21
Dress- $6, H&M
100% Cotton blazer- $49
Total- $67
I did pretty good huh? Check out these photos from the area.
So later that night, my friends and I decided to hit up the club for the first time.  I walk in and they act like they had seen Rihanna. I say Rihanna and not Beyonce, because I was not bumped to VIP, nobody was buying me free drinks, nothing…I was just getting alot of attention. As we were trying to navigate our way closer to the DJ, men (who were dancing with their girls) are tapping me on my shoulder, waving at me, throwing peace signs, taking pictures of me and everything in between. The club was called Cocoon, which is ironic because it also felt like  EVERYbody and they mama was at this club, I have never been to a club this packed in my life. All you could do is jump up and down, no dancing involved.
The club had a 3 tiered stage and the DJ was on top over looking the crowd. So my friends and I are on the bottom, right underneath the stage and we start “dancing” (NOTE: I don’t care to dance with random men at the club, I go strictly for the music and to have fun with my friends. But that did not work out for me either because all they played was trance music. How do you dance to trance music anyway?) But I digress, so me and my friends start “dancing” and this big Middle Eastern looking man grabbed me and started dancing behind me and homeboy starts licking my back, I turn around, and this dude grabbed me in a tight embrace. I lift my hands to his shoulders to try and push him off, and he is holding me tighter and yells in my ear “I love you, I love black girls, what is your number” I yell back “I don’t have a phone, get off me!” still trying to push him off me. He yells back “Please! Give me your number, I must have you” and attempts to kiss me in my mouth. I forcefully push him off me and Mari grabbed my hand and we are now standing on the first tier of the stage. The crowd erupts in cheers as soon as I hop on stage, sweet salvation…..Only for a hot second.
Now this is the point in the night, 1:30am, I would normally say lets go home. BUT as you know, I have a 12:30am curfew and they lock the doors so we HAD to stay out all night till 5am (when our dorm room is open). P.S. this particular club does not close till 10am. So, similar versions of what I just explained KEPT happening over and over again. So it got to the point where I stood there with my arms folded counting down the minutes until we had to leave. But even when I stopped dancing, men would still strike up a conversation with me, then follow me through the club for the rest of the night. I hated that. The men at this club, were the most THIRSTIEST/DEHYDRATED men I have ever came across in my whole entire life (for those you who do not know what thirsty means in my context it means desperate). It was the most annoying/violating experience in my life. No more Korean clubbing for me lol. If you are going to Korea, I DO NOT recommend this club. Until next time.


16 comments on “Day 11- After Monsoon Sale- I will Never Go to a Korean Club Ever Again

  1. Teryn Hill
    July 9, 2012

    Dang! I’m so sorry to hear that. “Dehydrated” lol, is right. Well, at least now you know. How did your friends do. Were they harassed like you?

  2. duparc
    July 9, 2012

    lol. i like to hear about your experiences. especially when strange things like this happen to you. very insightful yet funny as hell. tell us more.

  3. duparc
    July 9, 2012

    wow. thats crazy. what kinda of men they had in that club?? and were they all coming at you with the i love black girls and automatically thinking having you??

  4. crystal
    July 9, 2012

    Sorry that you went through that. i’m lead to believe that not all clubs there are like that! I’ve heard of some spacious and relaxed clubs from other foreigner in korea blogs. Be safe omg!

    • queenvchronicals
      July 9, 2012

      Hey Crystal, thank you for your concern. Other people did tell me I went to the wrong club. “Safe” is my middle name now 🙂

  5. rostruvatcrubinkorea
    July 12, 2012

    I rikey da brack gurr!!!

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  8. minyoung
    July 27, 2012

    ewww that guy sounds really rude and disgusting. sorry for what he did to you. every society have those crazy people…

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  12. Spazzy
    October 7, 2012

    i LOVE the gorilla clubs (especially baby gorilla) in hongdae, but cocoon was beyond awful. there, a guy grabbed my boobs and then my ass and my boobs again, even though i was dancing with another guy, the creeper was dancing with someone, and i slapped him each time he did something horrible. another guy danced behind me and put me in a sort of head lock while touching my face, until another guy grabbed my hand and started dancing with me while i was in the sort of headlock. then a guy danced behind me while holding onto one of my arms, telling me that he likes how i’m strong (i’m a runner, so i’m no muscular beast, just lean). in addition, nobody actually danced until 4am or so–the crowd was just standing there facing the stage. i can’t really decide if the crowd dynamics or individual guys were creepier. it also cost 20,000 won to go in. never again.
    cocoon is the WORST CLUB EVER. it costs 1/4 of the price for foreign girls to go to the gorilla clubs (with admission to all for just 5,000), and the drinks are better and cheaper. however, no US armed services members are allowed in, due to an “incident”

    • queenvchronicles
      October 7, 2012

      I sooo did not go into depth in this blog post, but your experience sounds JUST like mind. I felt so violated, but lucky we found the gorilla clubs. Thanks for reading! check out my other blog queenvproduction.wordpress.com

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