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Day 9- McDonalds, It Was As If I Never Left

Day 9- McDonalds, It Was As If I Never Left

What you see here is a small Coke, McChicken and small fry. I repeat what you see here is a small Coke, McChicken and small fry. But look closely at this picture and tell me if you see anything different, other than the Korean Characters written on the food? *I’ll wait…*

If you guessed that this food was delivered and cost me $5.10 you would be CORRECT!

Ok, lets discuss the delivery. If I was back at home (Hawaii/DC) I would NEVER in a million years order take out from McDonald’s. My thought process is, why would you sacrifice the exercise knowing that you are about to eat something that is so bad for you. But in Korea, its a different story. We have now entered in the monsoon season, so we are stuck inside our dorm room. Also, since I have been here I have been eating nothing but Asian food (i.e.Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and of course Korean). Mix in the gloomy weather and non-American food, my homesickness is now in full effect. My roommate was the one who actually ordered and surprised me with McDonald’s. I noticed as soon as I ate a french fry with some ketchup, I immediately began to smile lol. It feels like forever since I have had ketchup, all these fond memories of BBQs, 4th of July’s, Christmas’s, pep rallies, cafeteria foods, and Birthdays start to swirl in my head. And it felt good. Who knew McDonald’s could make me feel that way. I’m not saying it cured my homesickness, but I do feel a heck of alot better.

Now lets talk about the price. $5.10!!!!!! WHAT?! Come on mannn. This meal back at home would cost $3.30 (last time I checked) because all of these items are on the Dollar Menu. Now I know you maybe thinking “Wow Q.V,. its only a $1.80 difference whats the big deal?” I’ll tell you what the big deal is, the cost of living in South Korea is so affordable. $10 USD, which is roughly equivalent to 10,000 won, will get you far. A complete lunch here has cost me no more than 2 bucks (average), and I know for a fact they are using fresh ingredients, authentic flavors, and most importantly its made with love <3. How do i know this? Because the food is made right in front of my face. So to pay almost twice as much for some fake plastic food, made on a conveyer belt, by some teenage kid who probably spit in my food upsets me. FORGET MY HOMESICKNESS, strictly Asian cuisine for me!


*Did I mention, in South Korea there are no taxes and absolutely no tipping*


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