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Day 8- Whats In Your Smart Phone? Bootleg DisneyWorld?

Today in my “Evolution of the Smart Phone” class we took our first pop quiz. Don’t you love it when you take a quiz and there are absolutely no wrong answers! If you can read my handwriting through this fuzzy photo, check out my answers.

(Yes I pulled my iPad out during the test to take this photo. excuse my spelling errors)


How different would your answers be? The question that I found most perplexing was #4) “Think of a few apps or features that could be added to the smart phone.” I now realize that I forgot the most important feature that I would pay almost any price for ….make it WATERPROOF! OMG why isn’t this out yet? The cheapest underwater digital camera I own cost me 20 bucks, you mean to tell me we don’t have a phone that can withstand the elements of rain, pool water, toilet water, bottle water (funny story about how I lost my phone to bottled water), and more! Someday soon, when I am swimming with the sea turtles in Hanauma bay, Hawaii I do not want to pull out my waterproof digital camera, thats too much bulk to carry around, I want to pull out my iPhone (or whichever phone company makes it), then immediately post the photo to my Facebook page and write “guess where I am right now”, all while I’m underwater. Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia make it happen!

After class, my classmates and I had a field trip to Lotte World, South Korea’s premiere amusement park. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the worlds largest indoor theme park, so it is open all year around. Ok, now that we have the formal introduction out the way let me be real with yall. Lotte world aint nothing but a Disney land/world knock off. Instead of Micky and Minny Mouse they have Lotte and Lorry Raccoon, and uses the similar Disney logo. Since I have never been to Disneyworld/land I am going to stop comparing the two and briefly talk about that place as a whole.

This place is grand. It has activities on every corner, you cant walk two feet without hitting a stand, gift shop, a person blowing bubbles, hair/nail salons, on stage performances, live bands, a trolly, rides, ice skating rink, statues etc. It was truly a beautiful experience. I can tell by the lack of roller coasters this theme park is geared towards more kids and families and less towards thrill seeking college/grad students. But even with these little kiddy rides I still screamed like a wuss. I don’t care for roller coasters, I can not stand the sensation of my stomach dropping, just the thought of it makes me dizzy. One more great thing about this place, is they sold Dippin Dots at EVERY stand. For $2 a pop, I’m ashamed to tell you guys how many cups I bought. All in all, I had a great day. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


2 comments on “Day 8- Whats In Your Smart Phone? Bootleg DisneyWorld?

  1. Ka'iulani
    August 11, 2012

    1. I like your smart phone disadvantage of “not water proof”, you know… for all of those people who drop phones in toilets.

    2. multiple dippin’ dots is CRAZY! i think i’ve had two in my entire life.

    3. yes, I’m getting caught up on all your posts so be ready for a stream of comments.

    • queenvchronicles
      August 11, 2012

      #DippinDots I KNOOOWWW the only place that i know that sells them on this island is Wet and Wild… super wack

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