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Day 7- Korean Language Hurt My Feelings


This is going to be a quick post. My goodness today felt like it would never end. But the icing on my cake was attending my third class of the day, which was my first Korean Language class. *Give me strength Lord* Before I get into my mini rant, let me first state that English is one of the hardest languages to learn, depending on who you ask. With our silent letters, homophones, rules with exceptions and those exceptions have exceptions etc. Today in class we learned the Korean vowels and consonants. I kid you not when I tell you I left that class with the driest mouth ever. We did nothing but listen and repeat for an hour and a half, to the point where everything sounded monotoned to me.  I had a flash back to the second grade, when my teacher made me stand up in class and asked me to recite the 8 times table. Oh to be a fly on the wall that day. I just stood up, opened up my mouth and I kept saying “8…8…8…8” over and over again. Until the teacher told me to sit down. The class was not nearly as dramatic but similar feelings of feeling dumb and trying to figure out how everyone in the class is soaking up the knowledge but me.  I need to get it together because with any new language (and math skills) its going to take time, discipline and motivation in order for it to stick. So, wish me luck!

Any who, lets move on to some good news. The train system here is really intimidating, so my friends and I haven’t really branched out to see what South Korea has to offer. With that said, I have been CRAVING to do some shopping so look what I just picked up!

New Hello Kitty Vans baby! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.



3 comments on “Day 7- Korean Language Hurt My Feelings

  1. Catrina
    July 3, 2012

    Hi Cousin Vicky. This is Cousin Trina. I am cracking up at your blog. I was finally able to open them. It’s really interesting reading your blog. You are a tall beautiful African Queen in a foreign land. I’m going to have to tell Val to letter Butter read your blog especially about the Ms. Kitty kicks. LOL. Glad you’re enjoying yourself and learning so much about another culture. Take care. I will be checking back every few days to catch up. Looking forward to more interesting updates. Love ya!

  2. Ka'iulani
    August 11, 2012

    Please girl, I need your shoes!

    • queenvchronicles
      August 11, 2012

      lol you and everybody else. I found out that those shoes cost $70 in Hawaii, so I got a steal! +$1600 plane ticket

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