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Day 1- Why Korea?

If someone told me  4 months ago “Q.V. you will be in South Korea 4 months from now” I would laugh in their  face and say “You got South Korea money?” Heck! I don’t even have South Korea money, but I’m going in less than 10 hours to be exact. But the question that burns in many of my friends minds is “Why are YOU going to South Korea?” I will explain.

Ever since I saw the show La Madeleine as a child, I have always had the burning desire to visit Paris, France. In fact during that time, I remember begging my mother to buy me those delicious Safeway croissants and Le Petite Ecolier cookies. I would be in my room practicing my French accent and reviewing my new French vocabulary, all thanks to the Nuns, Madeleine and her classmates. 7th grade, I took my first French class. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. The alphabet, the days of the week, the weather, the verbs and rules of the language was so phenomenal to me. My teacher, I called her “Mrs Madame Rock” assigned us all French nicknames to go by, while in the class room. The first day I sat down in her class, she looked at me and said your name is “Lillian”. From that moment on, I have had dreams of being in France lost in an unfamiliar city and introducing myself as ……Lillian * cue the wind blowing through my hair*.
Fast forward to Dec 2011, I met with the study abroad director at my school. He said ” Ok, your grades look great, where would you like to…” and before he could even finish his sentence I belted out FRANCE! He hands me the paper work and tells me to come back when Spring semester starts and we’ll go from there. I fell in LOVE with the brochure, I drooled over the pages as I read through the classes I was going to take. One course in Fashion, one course in wine making, and another in French literature (i.e Undergrad courses). I said to myself ” this is going to be the best summer of my life”. Why Korea?- Queen V Chronicles 1
Trouble strikes when I met up with my adviser in the middle of February 2012 and I realize right then and there I DON’T HAVE CREDITS TO WASTE.  For those who do not know, Grad school is a little different from Undergrad. Most programs, like mine, have a strict program to follow in order for you to receive your degree. So that meant, if I wanted to frolic in the meadows of France I would have to graduate in 2013. NOT HAPPENING. My childhood dream was tossed out like an Allen Wrench from IKEA. As my adviser was informing me of the countries I could go to  that offered grad courses, two countries stuck out to me the most: Uganda, in Africa and South Korea.
Africa: where civilization began, where the gold, diamonds and rubies are, where the pyramids rest, where the Nile river nourishes, where Nelson Mandela lives, where my ancestral history is!!!!! All these factors and more is the reason why I can not study abroad in Africa. When I finally reach the motherland,  I want  it to be a deep, spiritual, emotional, all sense consuming experience. I don’t want to go there and think “Oh crap…… my paper is due in 5 hours”. It’s not right.
Korea: I absolutely love EVERYTHING about ALL Asian cultures. From the beautiful love story behind the Taj Mahal to the Silk Road history of China, to the anime and robot makers in Japan. I love it all! Korea has one thing over all of those Asian countries and that is KOREAN BBQ! So Ladies and Gentlemen, to make a short story long, I am going to Korea because I love their food, I could eat it everyday. In fact I want it served at my future wedding.
But in all seriousness, during my month in South Korea I hope to learn the language, culture, meet new people, pass my classes and everything in between. I will be blogging and vlogging throughout. Stay Tuned.

Have you visited a country where you didn’t know the language? If so, how did you survive?


4 comments on “Day 1- Why Korea?

    June 28, 2012

    Victoria, that is the BEST reason I have heard for not going to Africa. You’re such a smart and genuine girl. And weird. ❤

  2. Lauren!
    June 30, 2012

    Future wedding eh? *nudge nudge*

    Also, going to Japan for two weeks was a challenge, but incredible. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything, even the tough times we experienced. 🙂

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  4. Keisha
    July 17, 2013

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